Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pilgrim William White Society Being Organized

Are you a descendant of William White, Mayflower passenger, who died in February 1621 ( a few months after the Mayflower landed in Cape Cod Bay)? 

After 392 years, a group has come together in February 2013 to honor him with his own Society, The Pilgrim William White Society. Along with William White we also honor his wife, Susanna, and their two children, Resolved and Peregrine.

Peregrine White's cradle is on display at the
Pilgrim Hall Museum, Plymouth, Massachusetts
He was born 19 or 20 November 1620 while the Mayflower
was docked in Cape Cod Bay, the first child born to the
Pilgrims in the New World. 

We are making good progress in forming the Society. Those serving as interim officers are:

Governor: Prarie Counce,
Deputy Governor: James (Jim) Fowler,
Secretary: Susie Wuest,
Treasurer: J. Benese Scherrer,
Historian: Barbara Williams,
Elder: D. Alan Smith,

There two (2) different applications for membership. One application is designated "members," and is for someone who is descended from William and Susanna White through either Resolved or Peregrine; with approved lineage papers by the GSMD Historian General; and who is a member in good standing with their State Society (current dues are paid). The other application is designated "friend," and is for someone who has an interest in The Pilgrim William White Society, such as a spouse or perhaps children or grandchildren who have not yet made application to GSMD. A "friend" may not vote nor hold an office.

The $25.00 application fee is a one-time fee to help with start-up expenses such as opening a bank account, applying for articles of organization, obtaining a domain name and server space for a website, etc.

Yearly dues are $15.00. Instructions in regard to writing a check and mailing the application/applications are stated on the application forms. One check for multiply applications is acceptable.

We are excited about the exchange of family information and pictures. We'll be using email until another format is established.

If you have questions or comments regarding the applications or anything else, please don't hesitate to contact Susie Wuest or myself, Prarie Counce.

Warmest regards,

Prarie Counce
2040 Saint Pierre Drive
Carrollton, TX 75006


  1. They even preserved the cradle! Those New England genealogists remembered everything! I've heard the name Peregrine, but not Resolved. We used to watch the "Inspector Morse" detective series on PBS. The character's first name, we finally learned, was Endeavor.

  2. This is great news. Thanks for the link and information.

  3. There are 17 of us "White cousins" who descend through Silvenus White (5th generation.) None of us have been successful in joining the Mayflower Society through his son Jonathan. I will share this with all of them. We are needing additional documentation for Jonathan.

  4. This is very exciting. I am directly descended from Peregrine. I was called two weeks ago by my cousin in Texas who told of our tree on All of our family was from VA and what is now WV. My maternal grandfather was James Anderson White of Mercer County WV. This is very exciting-my first "Thanksgiving" knowing I'm descended from the Mayflower "pilgrims." (Ironically, I have American Indian heritage in my maternal grandmother's line and am fascinated with some of the women the White men married on down the line in WV. Happy Thanksgiving! Aziza White Al-Tawil

  5. Just heard from my cousin in Texas. He told me that the family tree has been done and that we are direct descendants of Peregrine White. I am the granddaughter of James Anderson White of Mercer County, WV. After a few generations, descendants of Peregrine ended up in Virginia and what is now the state of WV. I'm floored by the news and excited to celebrate my first Thanksgiving with the knowledge my ancestor was one of the first Pilgrims in Plymouth. Ironically, I have American Indian heritage on my mother's maternal side. Through my mother Johanna White's father, I'm descended from Peregrine. Happy Thanksgiving and I look forward to hearing more about this William White Society! Aziza White Al-Tawil