Monday, August 12, 2013

Hanging Out with Dear Myrtle

I have enjoyed a few “Mondays with Myrt” Google Hangouts on Air, and I was on one of the first ones back in March during the big RootsTech conference in Salt Lake City.  Today I was lucky enough to be guest again with Myrt, this time not in a studio with her in person, but remote from my own home.  It was easy to log on using the app for my iPad mini, and within seconds I was conversing with our beloved Dear Myrtle.  Previous attempts to log in with my laptop on both Chrome and Internet Explorer browsers both failed, and the Hangouts plugin never installed properly (which is frustrating when you have only minutes to get connected!).

If you watch the archived version of today’s episode on YouTube, you will see many guests including Myrt’s cousin Russ Worthington; Hillary Gadsby who logged in in from England;  Randy Seaver, who discussed a new feature on; and many others including Laszlo Apathy who was participating from Florida.  Laszlo and I had similar stories, which might be why Myrt had us both on today’s show.

I discussed the treasure trove of family papers my cousin uncovered in her own mother’s house, which I blogged about a few days ago HERE.  You can see my story in the first 15 minutes of today’s “Monday with Myrt” episode. Several good suggestions for preserving and storing the documents came up from Myrt and from the audience, and I posted some of the helpful links below. 

Near the end of the show she introduced Laszlo and his fantastic find of family papers from Hungary and Europe which not only outlined some genealogy, but also included a journal of an exciting escape from Hungary in 1945.  Please don’t miss it!

To participate in the “Monday’s with Myrt” you can join the Google+ “Dear Myrtle’s Genealogy Community” or the Dear Myrtle Hangouts.   There is a DearMyrt channel on YouTube with archived versions of all her online shows at this link:

Links mentioned on the show:

Mondays with Myrt 12 August 2013 episode

University Archival Products

Gaylord Archival Products

British National Archives Blog

The Library of Congress Website

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