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The 25th Annual Felton Family Reunion, Peabody, Massachusetts

Sometime in 1633 Nathaniel Felton settled in Salem, Massachusetts with his mother "Misstress Eleanor Felton", his sisters Judith and Margaret, and his Uncle Benjamin Felton.  He was only 17 years old when he arrived in New England.  He married Mary Skelton, the daughter of Salem's first minister, Reverend Samuel Skelton, and he built the house on Felton Hill in 1644.  The Nathaniel Felton, Jr. house, next door, was built later.  They both survive, surrounded by apple orchards.  These two Felton houses are the property of the Peabody Historical Society.

The Nathaniel Felton, Sr. House, circa 1644

Felton Hill was part of Salem, Massachusetts in the 1600s.  It was west of the town, on the "frontier" and the Felton house was a garrison.  Today, the Peabody Historical Society runs tours of the homes, and rents them out for special events, as well as the Smith Barn across the street, and the Fire House Museum, which was moved to behind the barn.  Surrounding the property are malls, stores, Routes 114 and Route 128, but when you are on Felton Hill it still seems like the 17th century.

The Nathaniel Felton, Jr. House, circa 1683

The 2013 Felton Family Reunion was held in July, and started at the Fire House Museum. Feltons and Felton descendants from all over the United States met for a business meeting, genealogy lectures, and tours. Everyone had a great time, even in the pouring rain on Friday, July 26th when I attended.  I doubt there is another family reunion in the USA where descendants visit TWO of their ancestor's 17th century houses on one property!

Genealogist Richard Tivey told us all about our English ancestors, back to Charlemagne!

The Fire House Museum was Engine Co. No. 3, home of  "The Torrent"
The Felton Family Association met upstairs, above the museum.

My cousin Charlie Wilkinson found his ancestor Frank Wilkinson's photo
on the staircase of the Fire House.  Frank was a Peabody firefighter. 

Roger Felton created a shield with Sir Thomas de Felton's coat of arms.
He showed it at the Felton Family Association meeting,  and everyone loved it!

The Felton Family Association website 

Yours Truly was made the administrator of the Felton Family page on Facebook.
Please join us at this link:

The Peabody Historical Society
Tours of the two Felton houses are free, and available by appointment by calling 978-531-0805

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  1. Mary Skelton is my 9th great-grandaunt.

  2. Nathaniel and Mary are my 9x great grandparents.

  3. Nathaniel Felton and Mary Skelton are my 11 th great-grandparents.