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Surname Saturday ~ WEEKS of Martha's Vineyard

Martha's Vineyard Island, Massachusetts

The Wickes or Atwick or Weeks family lived in Staines, England.  In 1638 Robert Wickes died and left a will which stated “to pay my son John Wickes now living in New England 200 pounds at the featst of the birth of our Lord God next coming” and to another son “To my son William, 300 pounds, as follows, 30 pounds in three months and the remainder in three years and he is to have 10 pounds paid to him every half year in the meantime, and if he should die, or never come to claim it, then to be divided between my sons John and Robert and their children”. 

The son William Weeks was living on the island of Martha’s Vineyard off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts by the first recorded division of land in 1653.  On 10 April 1655 he was granted land “near the pines in the middle of the island”. 

There was a legal complaint against William Weeks on 22 February 1660 by William Lambert.  He is mentioned as having an ordinary (tavern).  On 28 January 1661 he was fined for selling strong liquor and had to pay Governor Thomas Mayhew 10 shillings.  There were more records of his tavern business and litigation in the 1680s.  On 29 December 1688 he is on the records for a land sale, and on 3 August 1689 his widow Mary sold the house lot.  There was no will or inventory of William Week’s estate.

There is an interesting record of William Weeks in 1667 involving a shipwreck in the Elizabeth Islands (next to Martha’s Vineyard).  The local Indians looted his boat and his provisions onboard, even taking clothing from his son.  The record lists the goods that were lost.  It was signed by Governor Mayhew on 22 November 1667. 

For more Weeks family information see the book History of Martha’s Vineyard, Dukes County, Massachusetts (three volumes)  by Charles Edward Banks, 1911, which is available online at this link:

My Weeks Lineage:

Generation 1: Richard Atweeke or Atwick, died sometime before 1592, Staines, Middlesex, England

Generation 2: Robert Wickes, died about 1638 in Staines; married Sarah Enderley

Generation 3: William Weeks, born about 1620 in Staines, died 1688 in Edgartown, Massachusetts on the island of Martha’s Vineyard;  married Mary Butler.  Six children.

Generation 4: Elizabeth Weeks, born about 1648 on Martha’s Vineyard island; married 1 May 1667 in Barnstable, Massachusetts to John Robinson, son of Isaac Robinson and Margaret Hanford.  He was born about 1640 and died after 1714 in Connecticut.

Line A:

Generation 5: Isaac Robinson, son of John Robinson and Elizabeth Weeks, born 30 January 1670; married first to Hannah Harper on 1 March 1690 in Barnstable.  She was the daughter of Robert Harper and Prudence Butler, born May 1670 in Sandwich, Massachusetts.  Eight children.

Generation 6: Peter Robinson, born 15 December 1701 in Falmouth, died after 1772; married on 18 July 1724 in Falmouth to Martha Green, daughter of Isaac Greene and Sarah Unknown.  She was born 28 October 1705 in Falmouth. Seven children.

Generation 7: Jabez Robinson, born 9 June 1726 in Falmouth; married on 7 January 1748 to Tabitha Green, daughter of William Green and Joanna Mendall.  She was born 18 December 1726 in Falmouth. Five children.

Generation 8: Elizabeth Robinson, born 17 June 1750 in Falmouth, died 27 June 1837; married on 8 September 1774 to Ebenezer Crosby, son of Jonathan Crosby and Hannah Hamblin.  He was born 26 August 1747 in Mansfield, Connecticut, and died 26 February 1826 in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. Eleven children.

Generation 9. Rebecca Crosby m. Comfort Haley
Generation 10:  Joseph Edwin Healy m. Matilda Weston
Generation 11: Mary Etta Healey m. Peter Hoogerzeil
Generation 12: Florence Etta Hoogerzeil m. Arthur Treadwell Hitchings
Generation 13: Gertrude Matilda Hitchings m. Stanley Elmer Allen (my maternal grandparents)

Line B:

Generation 5:  Mary Robinson, born 12 December 1683 in Falmouth, Massachusetts, and died in November 1721; married on 22 November 1704 in Falmouth to Benjamin Davis, son of John Davis, Jr. and Ruth Goodspeed.  He was born 8 September 1679 in Barnstable, and died in 1754. Nine children.

Generation 6: Ruth Davis m. John Mayhew
Generation 7: Mary Mayhew m. Caleb Rand
Generation 8: Mary Rand m. Asahel Bill
Generation 9:  Reverend Ingraham Ebenezer Bill m. Isabella Lyons
Generation 10: Caleb Rand Bill m. Anna Margareta Bollman
Generation 11:  Isabella Lyons Bill m. Albert Munroe Wilkinson
Generation 12: Donald Munroe Wilkinson m. Bertha Louise Roberts (my paternal grandparents)


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