Monday, March 3, 2014

My Baby Book

A few years ago my mother gave me my baby book and a few other items from my childhood.  I had tucked them away into my hope chest, and recently found them again.  I realized that I hadn't scanned the baby book, so I took it downstairs and found many treasures tucked inside the pages. Some of the ephemera found here are great genealogy finds.  Here are some of them!

Miss Universe 1980!  Can you imagine?
These are the results of the 1962 Methodist Church baby show 
in Hamilton, Massachusetts.  Recognize any other names?

1962 M. E. Church
Miss Universe

Yours Truly

Good job in filling out the family tree for four generations, Mom! 

The Baby Shower was given by my Aunts Mary and Barbara, 
and Mom's best friend, Beverly, Pasquerello.  The baby book was a gift from my Aunt Mary "Mamie" 
I remember that every bridal or babyshower, party, family reunion, or anniversary in the Allen family was at the Legion Hall when I was growing up.  The Allens still hold parties there! 

Did you noticed that the baby shower was October 18th?
 I was born less than a week later, although I was supposed to be due in November,
on the same day that is now my husband's birthday!

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  1. Very cute, Miss Universe! ;-) And it looks like the genealogy was an even earlier thing for you than you thought.