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Surname Saturday ~ FINCK of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

The waterfront of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, seen from the sloop Eastern Star in the harbor

Last week I wrote a post about my ancestors, the SCHUPP family of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.  In this post I wrote how the early Germans setters were foreign Protestants brought in by the British to repopulate Nova Scotia in the wake of the expulsion of the Acadians.  You should read that post for background information on the history of these German families.  Click HERE.

The immigrant ancestor of the FINCK family in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia was Christian FINCK.  He was a smith from Wurtenburg in Germany, and he arrived with the foreign Protestants on board the ship Gale on 12 June 1751, which sailed from Rotterdam to Halifax, Nova Scotia.   He was granted land B-40 in the NW Range in Lunenburg, and he was listed on the 1755 victualing list as FINK under the names Christian, Maria, Margaret, Anna, Catherine, and Frederick.

Christian Finck’s will was sealed on 17 October 1779.  It stated that his burial was to be arranged by his son Frederick, and that his son shall keep his mother, Anna Maria and “allow her to stay and upkeep all her natural life”.  It also named his daughters by their married names.

Christian Finck’s daughter Anna Margareta married Johan Justinias Schupe, the son of settlers Richart and Apollina Schupp.  His grand daughter, Anna Margareta Schupp, married a Scots Immgrant, John Lennox.  His great grand daughter, Sarah Elizabeth Lennox, married Bremner Frederick Bollman, the son of a Hessian soldier of the American Revolutionary War.  These three German surnames highlighted in red are the only known German surnames in my family tree.

My Finck genealogy:

Generation 1:   Christian Finck, born about 1711 in Wurtenburg, Germany, died 19 July 1784 in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia; married to Anna Maria Unknown.  She was born about 1713 in Germany and died 13 September 1794 in Lunenburg.  Five children.

Generation 2: Anna Margareta Finck, born about 1749, died 5 May 1801 in Lunenburg; married on 1 November 1763 at Saint John’s Anglican Church, Lunenburg to Johan Justinas Schupe, son of Richart Schupp and Apollina Unknown.  He was born about 1746 in Litrelinden, Wielbourg, Germany and died about 1813 in Nova Scotia.  Eleven children.

Generation 3:  Ann Margaretha Schupp m. John Lennox
Generation 4: Sarah Elizabeth Lennox m. Bremner Frederick Bollman
Generation 5: Ann Margaret Bollman m. Caleb Rand Bill
Generation 6: Isabella Lyons Bill m. Albert Munroe Wilkinson
Generation 7: Donald Munroe Wilkinson m. Bertha Louise Roberts (my grandparents)

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