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Surname Saturday ~ LENNOX of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

The Lennox Inn, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
The Lunenburg, Nova Scotia death records list John Lennox as “of Stirling, Scotland, innkeeper, died on 1 October 1817 at 54y.”  In researching my 4th great grandfather, John Lennox, I was surprised to learn that his inn at 69 Fox Street in Lunenburg was still standing, and still operating as a bed and breakfast.  It is the oldest operating inn in Canada.  In 2007 we planned a genealogical family vacation to Nova Scotia, and the first place we wanted to book was a few nights at the Lennox Inn.

John Lennox married Ann Margaretha Schupp, the daughter of German immigrants to Lunenburg, in the St. John Anglican church, just a few houses away from his inn.  He had six children.  They lived in a smaller house on Fox Street across the street from the inn.

St. John's Anglican Church
where John Lennox married Ann Margaretha Schupp
The house where the Lennox family lived
across the street from the inn

In his 1817 will, John Lennox, innkeeper, named his wife, son William and daughters Anna Barbara  Chamberlain, Isabella Lennox, Sarah Lennox and Lucy Lennox.   This will and the inventory of his estate were valuable resources for the restoration of this colonial building. During the restoration the owner found John Lennox’s signature on a beam, and an order from Halifax for a list of rums and wines.  The modern day “innkeeper”, Bob Cram, showed me these things on our tour of the Inn.  It was a wonderful experience to sleep in my ancestor’s tavern!

His daughter, Sarah, married Bremner Frederick Bollman, the son of the town doctor,  and they named their daughter, my great great grandmother, Ann Margaret “Annie”, after her mother. Annie and her husband, the music professor Caleb Rand Bill, removed to Salem, Massachusetts.

My Lennox genealogy:

Generation 1: John Lennox, born about 1765 in Stirling, Scotland, died 1 October 1817 in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia; married on 19 March 1797 in Saint John’s Anglican Church in Lunenburg to Ann Margaretha Schupp.  She was the daughter of Johan Justinas Schupe and Anna Margareta Finck, born 18 September 1773 in Lunenburg. They had six children.

Generation 2: Sarah Elizabeth Lennox, born 16 February 1805 in Lunenburg; married first to Martin Ernst and had one child; married second to Bremner Frederick Bollman, son of Dr. Johann Daniel Bollman and Jane Bremner.  They had three children.

Generation 3:  Ann Margaret Bollman m. Caleb Rand Bill
Generation 4: Isabella Lyons Bill m. Albert Munroe Wilkinson
Generation 5: Donald Munroe Wilkinson m. Bertha Louise Roberts (my grandparents)

For more information:

The Lennox House (built by John Lennox, innkeeper and across the street from his inn, on the corner near the St. John Anglican Church in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia)

The Lennox Inn, 69 Fox Street, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

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