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A Blast from the Past! Robie's Country Store, Hooksett, New Hampshire

There has been a store or trading post at this location since Hooksett, New Hampshire was first settled.  Robie's Country Store is located on the west side of the Merrimack River, and originally had a dock.  The railroad passed right behind this site in 1842, and the tracks are still there.  The original building burned in 1857 and was rebuilt, then burned again in 1906 and was rebuilt.  

George A. Robie bought the store in 1887, and it was passed from father to son for 110 years. The last Robie owner was Lloyd Robie, who took over as the fourth generation in March 1965.  He retired in 1997.  Hooksett residents formed the "Robie's Country Store Historic Preservation Corporation" and bought the property from the Robie family in the year 2000.

The building serves a museum for items from the Historical Society and keepsakes from the Robie family.  The Society maintains the historic structure and the store is operated by a tenant. The current store owner is Tom Walsh, a Hooksett resident very active in local politics and a state representative. The store has been open since early spring, and breakfast and lunch are served everyday. The store continues to be a gathering place for local people and for visitors from away.  There are basic grocery items for sale, as well as New Hampshire made products, and gifts and books from the Historical Society. 

Robie's Country Store has been placed on the State and National Registers of Historic Places, and several other historic plaques and certificates are on display inside the store.  The success of this historic site depends on the support of the community. Please drop by for a cup of coffee, ice cream or to buy a quart of milk.  

Pause a while here for a cup of coffee and a game of checkers.
Political candidates have dropped by here for decades
including Jimmy Carter, who made his first political stop in NH in 1975
and introduced himself to Lloyd Robie.  Mr. Robie replied "Jimmy who?"
This quote was reproduced on bumper stickers, campaign buttons and TV ads.

Donations for the preservation of the Robie's Country Store may be sent to:

Robie's Country Store
Historic Preservation Corp.
9 Riverside Street
Hooksett, NH  03106

or contact the corporation at 603-485-3881

Robie's Country Store website

Hooksett Historical Society  

Obituary for Dorothy Robie, wife of Lloyd Robie, who passed away on April 26, 2014 in Manchester, New Hampshire   

The Robey/Robie/Roby Family Genealogy website

The Robie Family Genealogy:

Generation 1:   Henry Robie, son of Thomas Roby and Mary Coxen, born 12 February 1619 in England, died 27 April 1688 in Hampton, New Hampshire; married in 1644 in Exeter, New Hampshire to Ruth Moore, daughter of William Moore and Mary Kellaway.

Generation 2:  John Robie, born 2 February 1648 in Exeter, New Hampshire, died 16 June 1691 in Haverhill, Massachusetts when he was killed by Indians; married to Ann Corlis on 1 November 1677 in Haverhill.

Generation 3:  Ichabod Robie, born 15 January 1679 in Haverhill,  died 16 April 1691 in Haverhill;  married  on 10 January 1707 to Mary Cass. He was captured by Indians in 1692 and taken to Canada, and redeemed in 1692.

Generation 4:  Samuel Robie, born 17 October 1717 in Hampton, New Hampshire, died in Goffstown, New Hampshire; married Phoebe Butterfield.

Generation 5:  Edward Robie, born 31 October 1747 in Chester, New Hampshire,  died 26 December 1837 in Chester; married on 10 October 1771 in Chester to Sarah Smith, daughter of John Smith and Sarah Toppan.

Generation 6:  Edward Robie, Jr., born 20 November 1778 in Chester, died on 27 December 1837 in Chester; married on 2 May 1811 to Mary B. Prescott, daughter of John Prescott and Molly Merrill.

Generation 7:  Henry Edward Robie, born 10 May 1813 in Chester, died on 13 February 1874 in Hooksett; married on 9 June 1844 to Mary Jane Nelson in Hudson, New Hampshire. She was the daughter of Jonathan Nelson and his wife, Axie.

Geneation 8:  George Albert Robie, born 21 June 1840, died 21 December 1913; married on 4 January 1862 in Hooksett to Angie A. Wheeler, daughter of William W. Wheeler. George was the first Robie to buy the store in 1887.

Generatoin 9:  Arthur George Robie, born 13 September 1863 in Hooksett, died 12 February 1933 in Hooksett; married to Esther Alvira Robinson, daughter of William Robinson and Eliza Ann Brown. Four children.

Generation 10:  George William Robie, born 8 April 1891 in Hooksett, died October 1967; married to Annie Rachel Brown, daughter of Henry Adam Brown and Janie Borden Mattatall.  Two children.

Generation 11:  Lloyd Brown Robie, born 27 July 1918 in Manchester, New Hampshire, died 1 January 2006 in Boscawen, New Hampshire, married on 5 July 1941 to Dorothy Burbank, daughter of Ernest Burbank and Ethel Benton.  Four children

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