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Tombstone Tuesday ~ John Emerson and Elizabeth French of Chester, New Hampshire

These gravestones were photographed at the Chester Village Cemetery, Chester, New Hampshire

April 3, 1844

wife of 
July 15, 1852
Aged 90 yrs, 7 mos.
& 5 days

John Emerson was voted the assistant town clerk of Chester in 1787, and his father, Samuel Emerson had been town clerk since 1784.  You can see their handwriting in the town records of Chester, New Hampshire.   John Emerson served in the American Revolutionary War by enlisting in Capt. Joseph Dearborn's company, Colonel Moses Nichol's regiment.  

The Emerson Genealogy:

Generation 1: Michael Emerson; born in Cadney, England, died after 24 November 1715 in Haverhill, Massachusetts; married on 1 April 1657 in Haverhill to Hannah Webster, daughter of John Webster and Mary Shatswell.

Generation 2:  Jonathan Emerson; born on 9 March 1669/70 in Haverhill,, died 19 August 1736 in Haverhill; married on 15 June 1699 in Haverhill to Hannah Day, daughter of John Day and Sarah Pengrey.

Generation 3:  Samuel Emerson, born on 8 Jan 1707/8, died 26 September 1793 in Chester, New Hampshire;  married on 25 November 1754 in Chester to Dolly Sanborn, daughter of Samuel Sanborn and Elizabeth Folsom. He was previously married to Sarah Ayer.

Generation 4:  John Emerson, born on 13 August 1757 in Chester, died 3 April 1844 in Chester; married to Elizabeth French, daughter of Nathaniel French.   She died on 15 July 1852 in Chester, New Hampshire.

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