Monday, November 3, 2014

Mystery Ancestors

Can anyone identify these mystery ancestors for me?  LOL!

This photo was taken just before the 1996 or 1997 Londonderry Old Home Day parade.  We were dressed up for a Girl Scout float depicting historical scenes of girls.  It was one of the few times our troop attempted a float in this parade. The girls were Junior Girl Scouts (grades four, five and six). We usually just marched in our uniforms, or built a float with all the Girl Scouts in Londonderry, not just our troop.  We won a prize for our float, and the girls were thrilled.   I spent a long time sewing this dress, and I remember that the hoop skirt was the most difficult part.  My daughter's dress was one of my old dresses gathered up with an apron (easy peasy).

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  1. LOL A lovely photo and fun memory! Thanks for sharing...I always enjoy reading your posts.