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Tombstone Tuesday ~ Hoogerzeil in Beverly, Massachusetts

This family plot was photographed at the Central Cemetery in Beverly, Massachusetts

Died Oct. 21, 1866
Aged 79 yrs 5 mos.
6 dys

[inscription illegible]

Died May 12, 1889
aged 85 yrs, 6 mos
15 dys

[inscription illegible]


[Albert was a mariner in the US Navy from 1862 to 1864 during the Civil War.  He served aboard the USS Vermont, USS Western World and in the Potomac Flotilla.  He was a fisherman in Beverly]

Lot No. 212 Sub-Div. Sec. 6 Avenue --------------------------
Name Peter Hoogerzeil
Interments                                         Removals
Month Day Year            Name                           Age                                            
                                      Yrs. Months
May 12 1889 1. Peter Hoogerzeil         85 6
Oct 21 1886  2. Eunice  "                     79 5
March 28 1886  3. William "                     43       
March  1 1862  4. Simeon  "                     23      
June 11 1920 5. Albert "                       75 1

The plot labeled #1 on this map is the Hoogerzeil family plot

A detail of this section of the cemetery

Even greater detailed section showing exactly where to find the Hoogerzeil plot.

Peter Hoogerzeil is my 3rd great grandfather.  He was born on 28 October 1803 in Dordrecht, Netherlands, the son of Simon Hogerseijl and Lissa Van Epenhuizen.  He was from a long line of whaling sea captains in the Netherlands.  Around 1825 Peter Hoogerzeil stowed away in a boat loaded with hemp, leaving Rotterdam to Salem, Massachusetts for the ropeworks.  On 30 December 1828 in Beverly he married the daughter of the ship captain, Eunice Stone.  She was the daughter of Captain Josiah Stone and Susanna Hix of Beverly.  Peter was a mariner and a caulker in Beverly. They had six children, outlined below, and three of the four sons served in the Civil War.  Peter died on 12 May 1889 in Beverly, and Eunice died 21 October 1886 in Beverly.   

1.  Lucy Ann Hoogerzeil, born 9 November 1832 in Beverly, died 14 December 1916 in Beverly. She married  Addison W. Foster.

2.  Simeon Hoogerzeil, born 10 December 1839 in Beverly, died 1 March 1862 in Beverly.  He died unmarried, and is buried with his parents in this cemetery plot.

3.  Peter Hoogerzeil, my 2nd great grandfather, born 24 June 1841 in Beverly, and died 10 May 1908 in Beverly.  He is buried with his wife and children in another plot at Central Cemetery.

4.  William Hoogerzeil, born 24 July 1843 in Beverly, died 26 March 1886 in Beverly.  He served in the Civil War for 20 months and is buried here in this plot, but without a military stone.  Unmarried.

5.  Albert Hoogerzeil, born 3 May 1845 in Beverly, died 9 June 1920.  He served in the Civil War (see the photo above of his military stone in this plot) and died unmarried.  

6.  Edmund Hoogerzeil, born 7 May 1847 in Beverly, died 30 January 1922 in Beverly.  He also served in the Civil War, and he married Hitty Ann Taylor and is not buried in this plot, but is buried elsewhere in Central Cemetery with his wife and family.  

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