Monday, November 10, 2014

Veteran's Day 2014 Honor Roll Project Contributions

The Gold Star Mother's Memorial, Plattsburgh, New York
photographed by volunteer N. Smith

The Honor Roll Project collections transcriptions and photographs of military monuments with the names of veterans from parks, schools, civic buildings, books and other places all over the USA and abroad.  You can see the complete list of Honor Roll contributions to this project at this link:

Or at this Pinterest Board  

Twice a year, for Memorial Day and for Veterans Day, genealogy bloggers photograph and transcribe these honor rolls, and publish them on the internet.  The act of transcribing these names makes them available to be found by search engines such as Google, Mocavo, Yahoo and others.  Family members searching online for genealogical or military information on relatives, ancestors or friends will be able to see the honor rolls, read the names, and learn about their family's military history.

It is a simple project, and it brings unexpected joy to searchers who did not know their ancestors were in the military, or did not know the specific military history, or sometimes they did not even know the town where their ancestors lived.  Seeing their family member's name on an honor roll can be the beginning of finding more genealogy data, military records and historical information.

Eventually I would like to see this list of honor roll transcriptions on a new website.  Any volunteers?

Here are this year's volunteer contributions.   Please thank them for their hard work by leaving comments on their individual blog posts.


Allingtown, War Memorial, WWI and WWII by Jeanne Bryan Insalaco

East Haven, Soldier’s and Sailors, photos by Jeanne Bryan Insalaco
(this one needs a volunteer to transcribe the names)

Ledyard, Gallup Hill Cemetery Veterans, transcribed by Midge Frazel

Wallingford, WWI, WWII, Korea,  photos by Jeanne Bryan Insalaco
(this one needs a volunteer to transcribe the names)

New Haven, Beecher Park, Soldier’s Memorial Gateway, by Jeanne Bryan Insalaco

New Haven, Knight Hospital Civil War Monument, by Jeanne Bryan Insalaco
(this one needs a volunteer to transcribe the names)

West Haven, Armistice War Monument WWI by Jeanne Bryan Insalaco 

West Haven, First Avenue Honor Roll Monument, by Jeanne Bryan Insalaco
Greensboro, Green County,  WWI, WWII, Korea by Jeanne Bryan Insalaco

Westbrook, Spanish American War, Pam Schaffner

Frederick, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, by Schalene Dagutis


Lancaster, Civil War, by Barbara Poole

Lowell, Centralville War Memorials (WWI), by Barbara Poole

Lowell, Lowell Cemetery 29 veterans, transcribed by Barbara Poole

Stow, Revolutionary War and Civil War, by Barbara Poole

Greenfield WWI Veterans by Sara Campbell

Westford, (War of 1812, Civil War, Spanish American War, WWI) by Barbara Poole


Adrian, Lenawee County, Michigan, Civil War by Carol Bowen Stevens

New Hampshire

Epsom Honor Roll, WWI, WWII, Korea, by the Epsom History Blog 

Dover, NH's GAR Monument by Steve Dow

Hampstead, Civil War, WWI, Korean, Vietnam, Post Vietnam Conflicts, by Amylynne Baker-Santagate

Hooksett,  Robie’s Country Store , World War II by Heather Wilkinson Rojo

New Boston Honor Roll by Heather Wilkinson Rojo
Raymond, NH's Soldiers and Sailors Monument by Steve Dow

Rollinsford, NH's Civil War Monument by Steve Dow
New York

Plattsburgh, Gold Star Mother's Memorial, by N. Smith

North Carolina

Battlefield Park, New Bern, by Schalene Dagutis


Willamette National Cemetery Korean War Veteran’s Memorial, transcribed by Tessa Keough


West Hazelton, WWI  (veterans who lost their lives – there are additional names on this monument), transcribed by Schalene Dagutis


Cherrydale, Arlington County, World War I
Fairfax County Courthouse –  WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam  by Schalene Dagutis
Pocahontas, Tazewell County, transcribed by Paula Williams



Lists of Honor Rolls and Remembrance Books by Dianne Nolin 


United Kingdom

Chipping Sodbury War Memorial, WWI by Caroline Gurney


  1. Heather -- I am just back from another visit to our new granddaughter in NJ. I have an honor roll post that will appear on my blog at 6:00 AM tomorrow morning. It is some rolls from Loudoun County, Virginia where I live. Sorry about the late notice, but this has been a busy week as Nora was born one week ago today. ;-)

    1. No problem, Grampa! I'll be adding more posts as they roll in over the next few days! Congratulations

  2. Heather, it was an honor to participate.

  3. Thanks Heather for doing this!