Friday, January 16, 2015

A Winter Walk on West Beach ~ Photo Friday

Mom, Little Sister, My Grandmother Gertrude Allen (1905 - 2001) and Yours Truly
1970, West Beach, Beverly, Massachusetts

        West Beach was our favorite beach to take a walk.  This photo is dated February 1970, about a year after we removed from Beverly to Holden, Massachusetts.  We used to try to fit in a walk at the beach whenever we came back to Beverly to visit relatives and friends.  In fifth grade, a few years after this photo, I took a dozen photos here at West Beach to make a photo essay report for a school project. 
        The pier you see in this picture is no longer standing.  It has been a town beach since 1852, and now you need to have a resident sticker to park in the parking area.  A limited number of subscribers from outside of Beverly are allowed to purchase access passes.  In the winter it is easier to sneak onto the beach for a stroll, since the area is open to the public during the non-summer months.  
        In 1666 the original land grant around West Beach was deeded to John West of Beverly.  A painting of West Beach by the famous North Shore artist Hugh Fitz Lane was auctioned for $3.85 million in 1997. 

A history of Beverly Farms, the neighborhood including West Beach, written by a Beverly high School student as part of the "Primary Research Through the History of Beverly" project:

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