Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tombstone Tuesday ~ Another Nathaniel Treadwell in Ipswich, Massachusetts

This tombstone was photographed at the Old North Burying Ground in Ipswich, Massachusetts

Lost at sea
February 1821
Aged 33 yrs
His wife
August 11, 1872
Aged 85 yrs  9 mos.

Nathaniel Treadwell is my 4th great grand uncle.  I descend from his brother, Jabez Treadwell (1788 - 1840).  Nathaniel was born 23 April 1787 in Ipswich and was lost at sea in February 1821.  He was a veteran of the War of 1812, and was a prisoner at Dartmoor in England.  He married on 21 September 1809 in Ipswich to Elizabeth Smith, the daughter of Daniel Smith and Hannah Lord.  Elizabeth was born 27 November 1786 in Ipswich and died 11 August 1872 in Ipswich.

Nathaniel was the son of Nathaniel Treadwell (1753 - 1822) and Mary Hovey (1751 - 1832).  I have photographed several other Nathaniel Treadwells at this same cemetery.  You can see those posts HERE and HERE.   I can count eight Nathaniel Treadwells in my family tree database, as well as several Nathan Treadwells.  I would bet there are probably more Nathaniel Treadwells from this same family to be found in the vital records of Ipswich and elsewhere in Essex County, Massachusetts.

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  1. One of the Nathaniel Treadwells in Ipswich ran a popular inn, which was replaced by a grander Treadwell's Inn, which became the Agawam House, but is unfortunately in need of much TLC. https://ipswich.wordpress.com/agawam-house-26-north-main-street/