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Surname Saturday ~ WINDOW of Gloucester, Massachusetts


Richard Window, my 10th great grandfather, was married three times.  The first wife (unnamed) appears in the Gloucester records when he was called before the court for living without his wife.  He proved that he had sent for her to come from England, but she wouldn’t . He had to prove she was dead before he could remarry.  The next records show that  Window built a house in West Gloucester after marrying, Elinor, the widow of John Bennett.  This house is still standing at 11 Lincoln Street in Gloucester, Massachusetts. 

Richard Window was a house carpenter, and later he was chosen to be the constable.  He served as a town selectman in 1654.  My WINDOW lineage daughters out with his only child, Anna, who married Humphrey Woodbury in 1671.  He later married Bridget, the widow of James Travers.  We don’t know the maiden name of any of his three wives! 

 Richard Window signed his will on 2 May 1665 and died on 5 June 1665.   He had already sold his homestead to William Haskell in 1652. This house on Lincoln Street is now known as The Haskell House.  It is serendipity that William Haskell is also my 10th great grandfather in another lineage! 

When Richard Window made his will, Haskell was one of the overseers who signed the will and who oversaw  Anthony Bennett (Window’s stepson) in 1666 until he chose a guardian.  His third, surviving wife, Bridget, petitioned the court because she had been left destitute in the will, all the estate having been left to his children.  The court ordered the administrators to leave her a cow.

For more information on Richard Window:

file:///C:/Users/Heather/Downloads/The_Monograph_Series_Excerpt.pdf see page 3 of the article “The Interior Details and Furnishings of the William Haskell Dwelling built before 1650 at West Gloucester, Massachusetts” for a description of Richard Window’s property.

History of the Town and City of Gloucester, Massachusetts. By James R. Pringle, 1892, page 53

Also see The Essex County Quarterly Court Files for the probate records of Richard Window’s will (EQC Volume 10, leaf 148), Anthony Bennett’s guardianship (Ipswich Quarterly Court Records Volume 1, page 150) and his widow’s petition  ( EQC Volume 11, leaf 133 and EQC Vol. 4, page 162).

My WINDOW genealogy:

Generation 1:  Richard Window, died 5 June 1665 in Gloucester, Massachusetts; married first to Unkown before 1649 probably in England;  married second about 1652 to Elinor Unknown, widow of John Bennett;  married third on 30 March 1659 in Gloucester to Bridget Unknown, widow of Henry Tavers and Daniel Goodwin.

Generation 2: Anna Window, daughter of Richard Window and Elinor, baptized on 19 February 1654 in Gloucester, died 28 February 1728 in Gloucester; married on 10 October 1671 in Gloucester to Humphrey Woodbury, son of Humphrey Woodbury and Elizabeth Hunter.  Eleven children.

Generation 3:  Susanna Woodbury m. John Bray
Generation 4: Humphrey Bray m. Lydia Woodbury
Generation 5:  Humphrey Bray m. Molly Herrick
Generation 6: Polly Bray m. Asa Burnham
Generation 7: Lydia W. Burnham m. Samuel Mears
Generation 8: Samuel Mears m. Sarah Ann Burnham
Generation 9: Sarah Burnham Mears m. Joseph Gilman Allen
Generation 10: Joseph Elmer Allen m. Carrie Maude Batchelder
Generation 11:  Stanley Elmer Allen m. Gertrude Matilda Hitchings (my grandparents)

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