Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Weathervane Wednesday ~ In a Museum

This is an on-going series of blog posts on local weathervanes I post every week on Wednesdays.  Some of the weather vanes are whimsical, some are historical, but all are interesting.  Often my readers tip me off to some very unique and unusual weathervanes from their own areas!  If you know an interesting or historical weather vane, please let me know.

Today's weathervane is from New Hampshire.

Do you know the location of weather vane #224?  Scroll down to see the answer!

Today's weather vane was photographed inside the Millyard Museum, operated by the Manchester Historic Association.  According to the sign on this exhibit, this weather vane dates from the 19th century "This weathervane stood atop the Fire King Engline Company house on Manchester's west side -- today the West Side Library.  The firemen and horses are factory made, but the steam fire engine was made by the men of the engine company."

The library building still stands and I photographed it from the parking lot behind the Manchester Senior Center.  On the tower you can see the cardinal points and where this weathervane used to be installed.

Millyard Museum, 200 Bedford Street, Manchester, New Hampshire

West Side Community Branch Library, 76 Main Street, Manchester, New Hampshire    

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Heather Wilkinson Rojo, "Weathervane Wednesday ~ In a Museum", Nutfield Genealogy, posted September 2, 2015 (  accessed [access date]). 


  1. Thank you for a great blog post and pictures. I shared on John Patrick Jordan's facebook page.

  2. That is a beautiful weather vane and I love the story of its creation.