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Surname Saturday ~ ANDREWS of Boxford, Massachusetts


Note:  I have previously blogged about another ANDREWS family from Essex, County, Massachusetts at this post “ANDREWS of Essex, Massachusetts(Ipswich’s Chebacco Parish” – the descendants of John Andrews and Jane Jordan,my 8th great grandparents.    This sketch of Robert Andrews (about 1612 – 1668) of Topsfield and Boxford, my 10th great grandfather,  is not to be confused with Robert Andrews (1593 – 1634/5) of Ipswich.

Robert Andrews was in Boxford, Massachusetts in 1656, and he owned land in both Rowley and Topsfield.  He died in Topsfield on 29 May 1668.  His will names his wife, sons and daughters.

Estate of Robert Andrews of Boxford (Rowley Village)
Essex Probate Docket # 709

In the name of God amen Know all Christian people this may or shall concearne yt I Robart Andrews of Rowley village in the County of Esex being verey sick & weack of body but blesed be god in prfect cence & memorey doe mack this my last will & testiment revoking all other former will wtsoever.
Impr. I bequeath my soule to Allmighty God that gave it me in whome I trust through the merits of Jesus Christ to be receaived into Eternall happiness forever and my body to the earth from whence it came to be deciently burried in ye burring place of Topsfield according as my wife and Children shall see meet.

It I give & bequeath unto my eldest sonn Thomas Andrews the house yt I now Live in and nine(s)core Ackers of Land being upland & Medow & yt Land yt I bought of Zacheus Gould only my well beloved wife is to have duering her life time, the kiching and hall & Kiching Chamber & halfe the seller & the new feeld & the eight Ackers peeice & halfe the orchard & if ther be not Land enufe for her to manuer then my sd sonn with ye help of my son Robart is to breack her up three Ackers more or let her have three Ackers yt is allready broacken up and the same to injoy duering her life without the Lett hinderanc or molestation of my sd sonn or aney other prson under him and my sonn Thomas is to shingle the house and at my wives deceas the said land orchard and rooms is to returne to my son Thomas & his haires forever my said sonn Paying unto my three youngest daughters Rebeckah, Sarah & Ruth twenty pound pr each when she shall be twenty yeares of Age and if eaither of them shall die before yt time then yt prt shall be equally devided between the other two and allso his is to pay unto my Daughter Mary the wife of Isack Comins five pound three years after my deceas & for the new whip saw and all other Carpenters tools shall be for the use of my wife sonn Thomas & Robert.

It. I give and be bequeath unto my sonn Robart Andrews eight(s)core Ackers of Land from Piebroock to ye clay pits and ye fatti medow and the fishing broock medow & becaus my sonn Thomas & Robart should not wrong one another in wood I desier ther Land may be ped by them selves & two other honest men and Robart is to pay unto my Daughter Elizabeth the wife of Samuell Symons five pounds three years after my deceas and to my daughter Hanah Pebody five pounds fouer years after my deceas.

It. I give unto my sonn John the Lot comonly called the seller Lott and the Medow belonging unto it but the medow shall be for the use of my wife & Thomas untell my sonn John shall be one and twenty years of Age and then to returne to him without aney further truble he paying to my seaven Grandchildren twenty shillings pr each when they shall come to the age of fourteen years.
It. I give unto my sonn Joseph ye Land in the Topsfeeld yt I bought of John Wilds, Senr. with all the previledgs therunto belonging.

It. I give unto my well beloved wife all my Cattell & other moveable goods and the Doung that is now in ye yard & half the barne & Lintos and my sonn Thomas the other halfe and he and his brother Robart is to set up the other Lintoos & Lay in for the use of ther mother eavery year duering her Life twelve Loads of hay and if eaither of my sonns should die before they are married then yt Land yt is given to them to be equally devided amongst the Survivers Leaving my said wife sole Executrix and in Testimony hereof I have Set my hand and Seale this Sixteenth day of May in the yeare of our Lord one thousand Six hundred Sixty & eight.

Robart (his / mark) Andrews, Senr (seal)
Robert (his G mark) Smith
James Hanscombe
Proved in Salem court 2: 5m: 1668 by the witnesses. Essex County Probate Files, Docket 709
Inventory of the estate was taken by Frances Pabody, Isack Comings, and Edman Towne. Attested 1:5m: 1668 by Grace Andrewes wife of the deceased

[Source: Essex County Quarterly Court Files, vol 13 leaf 67]

My ANDREWS genealogy:

Generation 1:  Robert Andrews, born about 1612 in England, died 29 May 1668 in Topsfield, Massachusetts; married about 1637 to Grace Unknown.  She died on 25 December 1700 in Topsfield, Massachusetts.  Eleven children.

Generation 2: Thomas Andrews, born abut 1645 and died 1 April 1725.  He married first to Martha Baker, daughter of John Baker and Elizabeth Unknown.  She died about 1670.  He married second to Mary Belcher, and married third to Rebecca Unknown.  One child with Martha Baker.

Generation 3: Sarah Andrews, daughter of Thomas Andrews and Martha Baker.  She was born about 1670 in Boxford, Massachusetts, and died about 1763; married on 20 November 1701 in Hampton to Joseph Swett, son of Benjamin Swett and Hester Weare.  He died before January 1721 and Sarah remarried second to Charles Treadwell, my half 7th great granduncle in a different lineage.

Generation 4:  Benjamin Swett m. Elizabeth Norton
Generation 5:   Elizabeth Swett m. David Batchelder
Generation 6:  Elisha Batchelder m. Sarah Lane
Generation 7:  Jonathan Batchelder m. Nancy Thompson
Generation 8: George E. Batchelder m. Abigail M. Locke
Generation 9:  George E. Batchelder m. Mary Katharine Emerson
Generation 10: Carrie Maude Batchelder m. Joseph Elmer Allen
Generation 11: Stanley Elmer Allen m. Gertrude Matilda Hitchings (my grandparents)


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