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Surname Saturday ~ BAKER of Ipswich, Massachusetts


There were three men named John Baker living in New England in the early 1600s.  One lived in Charlestown, Massachusetts, another in Dover, New Hampshire, and the third was my 10th great grandfather, John Baker of Ipswich.  He arrived in Massachusetts in 1637.  He was listed as a “grocer” from Norwich, Norfolk, England on the passenger list for the Rose of Yarmouth.  His first three children were baptized at St. Peter’s, Mancroft, Norwich, England.

"Aprill 8, 1637. The examination of John Baker, borne in Norwich in Norffolkke, Grocar, aged 39 yrs, and Elizabeth he wife aged 31 yrs, with three children, -Elizabeth John and Thomas, -and four servants, Marcy Alxasrson aged 24 yrs, Anne Alxarson aged 20 yrs, and Bridgett Boulle aged 32 yrs, and Samuell Arres aged 14 yrs, as all desiroues to goe for Charles Towne in New England ther to inhabitt and remaine." (New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Volume 14, page 32.)  Note that he was NOT the John Baker who settled in Charlestown, which often causes confusion!   

John Baker settled in Ipswich.  He was made a freeman there on 2 June 1641 (two men named John Baker were on that list!).  He had a house lot on High Street.  He was licensed to sell wine in 1644 and 1647, and in 1652 to sell beer, and was an inn-holder in 1664, 1665 and 1666. He had three more children born in Ipswich.  

"He appears to have been a man of property, his name standing one of the forty-four highest of one hundred and fifty-seven subscribers to the compensation of Major Denison, the military leader, in 1648." (Hammatt's Papers 1:22.)

John Baker bought land in Topsfield, adjacent to Ipswich, and conveyed a 150 acre farm to his son Thomas Baker in 1661, on the condition that Thomas pay ten pounds a year to his father John; his mother, Elizabeth;  and daughter Elizabeth.  John Baker died in the 1680s, probably in Ipswich.

Some additional BAKER resources:

Ancestry of the Children of Robert Croll Stevens and Jane Eleanor (Knauss) Stevens, Volume II: The Genealogy of John Christian Croll 1707 – 1758, by Robert Croll Stevens, 1985, (unpaginated, families are numbered- Baker is 164) available online at a Family History Center Library.

Great Migration Begins, Volume I, by Robert Charles Anderson, 1995, page 74

Ancestry of Priscilla Baker, by William S. Appleton, 1870, pages 3 – 5.

My BAKER lineage:

Generation 1:  John Baker, son of John Baker, born about 1598 in Norwich, Norfolk, England and died in the 1680s in Ipswich, Massachusetts; married to Elizabeth Unknown, born about 1612.  Six children.

Generation 2:  Martha Baker, born 1643 in Ipswich, died after 1670 in Ipswich; married on 22 June 1670 in Topsfield to Thomas Andrews, son of Robert Andrews and Grace Melburn.  He was born about 1645 in Boxford, Berkshire, England and died 1 April 1724 in Boxford, Massachusetts.  One child for Martha Baker and Thomas Andrews. 

Generation 3: Sarah Andrews m. Joseph Swett
Generation 4: Benjamin Swett m. Elizabeth Norton
Generation 5: Elizabeth Swett m. David Batchelder
Generation 6: Elisha Batchelder m. Sarah Lane
Generation 7:  Jonathan Batchelder m. Nancy Thompson
Generation 8: George E. Batchelder m. Abigail M. Locke
Generation 9: George E. Batchelder m. Mary Katharine Emerson
Generation 10: Carrie Maude Batchelder m. Joseph Elmer Allen
Generation 11: Stanley Elmer Allen m. Gertrude Matilda Hitchings (my grandparents)


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