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Surname Saturday ~ GARLAND of Charlestown, Massachusetts and Hampton, New Hampshire

Charlestown, Massachusetts


The first immigrant ancestor in this line may be “Peter the Mariner” Garland, my 10th great grandfather.  His origins are unknown.  He lived in Charlestown, Massachusetts and sailed ships between Massachusetts and Virginia.  According to the compiled Garland genealogy (see below), he “died in the South while on a voyage” about 1687.  He had requested his sons to take his body North (New Hampshire?) for burial, but his coffin was washed overboard during a storm.  Peter Garland lived in land bounded by Edward Converse, my 9th great grandfather on my paternal side.  His name is mentioned in early Charlestown records and in Note-book Kept by Thomas Lechford, Esq. Lawyer, in Boston, Massachusetts Bay, from June 27, 1638 to July 29, 1641, by Edward Everett Hale, 1885, where on pages 60 – 61 you can find this note which also mentions my 9th great grandfather Isaac Allerton, Mayflower passenger:

“Thomas Beech, I pray you to pay unto my good friend, Mr. Isaac Allerton, above somme of thirty-three pounds four shillings and six pence.  And I further desire you to demand, recover and receive for me the above somme £6 3s 6d of the same partys, who owe the same unto me, and upon payment, give them acquittance, which when you have received, pay over to my said friend, Mr. Isaac Allerton, according to my Letter of Attorney to him made the Date hereof in that behalf.

Witness my hand the twenty-nynth of March, Anno Dni, 1639
(Signed)     PETER GARLAND”

Peter’s son, John Garland, is my 9th great grandfather removed to Exeter, New Hampshire where he was recorded in 1650.  By 1653 he was taxed in Hampton.  His son, Peter Garland, my 8th great grandfather, was a mariner like his namesake, and made weekly trips between Boston and Hampton on a packet.  His sloop was named after his wife, Sarah Taylor.  The records also show vessels named Nonesuch, New Design and Adventure.  His son, John Garland, my 7th great grandfather, removed to Rye and owned land in Hampton, Portsmouth, Gilmanton, Nottingham and Barrington.  John was a representative to the General Assembly in 1737 and served at Fort William and Mary in 1708.  

Notable descendant:  Senator Bill Frist of Tennesee, who is also a heart and lung transplant surgeon [ see

Some GARLAND resources:

Garland Genealogy: The Descendants (the Northern Branch) of Peter Garland, by James Gray Garland, 1897 (available online at 

History of the town of Hampton, New Hampshire: From its settlement in 1638, to the autumn of 1892 by Joseph Dow, edited by Lucy Ellen Dow, 1894.

See also the New Hampshire Provincial and State Papers, volume 10, page 701 and Volume 40, page 17. Consult the Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire, by Noyes, Libby and Davis, page 254.

My GARLAND genealogy:

Generation 1: Peter Garland, origins unknown, died 1687; married to Elizabeth Unknown. At least two sons, Peter and John.

Generation 2: John Garland, born about 1622 probably in England and died 4 January 1672 in Hampton, New Hampshire; married first on 26 October 1652 in Hampton to Elizabeth Chapman (no children); married second on 26 October 1654 in Hampton to Elizabeth Philbrick, daughter of Thomas Philbrick and Elizabeth Knapp and the widow of Thomas Chase.  Three sons. Elizabeth remarried to Henry Robie on 19 January 1674.

Generation 3:  Peter Garland, born 25 November 1659 in Hampton, died 1704 in Rye, New Hampshire; married first to Elizabeth Unknown, who died 16 Feb 1688 (two sons); married second about 1688 to Sarah Taylor, daughter of John Taylor and Deborah Godfrey (five children).  Sarah remarried to Samuel Dow on 13 February 1708 in Hampton.

Generation 4:  John Garland, son of Peter Garland and Sarah Taylor, born 13 April 1692 in Hampton, died about 1741; married on 12 January 1716 in Hampton to Elizabeth Dearborn, daughter of John Dearborn and Abigail Batchelder. Eleven children.

Generation 5: Elizabeth Garland, born 13 March 1724 in Rye, died 1818; married about 1745 to Richard Locke, son of John Locke and Sarah Unknown.  He was born 28 July 1720 in Rye, and died 15 May 1804.  Eleven children.

Generation 6:  Simon Locke m. Abigail Mace
Generation 7: Richard Locke m. Margaret Welch
Generation 8: Abigail M. Locke m. George E. Batchelder
Generation 9: George E. Batchelder m. Mary Katharine Emerson
Generation 10: Carrie Maude Batchelder m. Joseph Elmer Allen
Generation 11: Stanley Elmer Allen m. Gertrude Matilda Hitchings (my grandparents)


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