Monday, November 7, 2016

Springfield, St. Mary's Church, Vermont Honor Roll, World War II

Honor Roll Project Submitted by Denise Picard Lindgren

Two framed Honor Rolls are hung inside the main entrance of the Maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Roman Catholic Church (St. Mary’s), 10 Pleasant Street, Springfield (Windsor County), Vermont. The Pastor, Father Peter Y. Williams, has given me verbal permission to post these names.
The names written on the Honor Roll that hangs to the left of the door are as follows. Icons designate the branch of service in which the veteran served.

"Honor Roll of This Parish

“I pledge my loyalty to the Flag of my Country and to the God
given principles of Freedom, Justice and Happiness for which it stands.”

Capt. John Meunier (Army)
Richard Poirier (Army)
Charles Mears (Air Corps)
2nd Lieut. Josephine Haskiewicz (Army)
Dominic Polidor (Army)
Michael Abrahamovich (Army)
2nd Lieut. Teresa Tarro (Army)
James Raleigh (Army)
Elwin Pelletier (Navy)
1st [?] Lieut. Gregg Carpenter
(Air Corps)
Wallace Richmond (Army)
Germain Gosselin (Army)
2nd Lieut. Edward Polidor (Army)
Frank Ripchik (Army)
Lt. Com. George Phillips (Navy)
Serg. Walter Chahonovich (Army)
Glendon Sheehan (Army)
Albert D. Hurd (Navy)
Serg. John Christonski (Army)
William Stiles (Army)
Henry Riel (Navy)
Serg. Victor Polidor (Army)
Manuel Sumares (Navy)
Robert P. Marchand (Navy)
Corp. Joseph Adams (Air Corps)
Theodore Watson (Navy)
Walter Antoniewicz (Navy)
Corp. Leonard LaCross (Army)
George Willette (Army)
William E. Archambault (Marines)
James Andersen (Air Corps)
Manfred Willette (Army)
Philip H. Caron (Air Corps)
Charles Asonevich (Army)
Chester Wolski (Army)
William Johnson (Navy)
Walter Asonevich (Army)
Roland Veilleux (Army)
George Lambert Jr. (Army)
Victor Babkevich (Air Corps)
Alfred NeJame [or NeJarne] (Navy)
Richard Jarvis (Army)
Wilfred R. Bean (Navy)
Donald Bazinet (Marines)
Francis Aher (Navy)
Otten Birsky (Army)
George J. Hayer (Air Corps)
Richard W. Baker (Air Corp)
George V. Blodgett (Navy)
Lawrence F. Oliver (Marines)
Roger Bean (Army)
John Conway (Army)
Frank Culbert (Army)
Harrison Grenier (Army)
Alexander E. Cross (Army)
Howard Furbish (Air Corps)
Gordon Bickford (Army)
Adam Dubanevich (Navy)
John LeBarge (Army)
Frank Hunka (Army)
Richard Donleavy (Navy)
Joseph Lafko (Army)
Arlene Jasinski (Army)
Otgut Dzwisttowski [Gold Star]
(Air Corps)
Paul Loiselle (Army)
Edward Ross (Marines)
Noel Fish (Army)
Delmore Lambert (Navy)
Roger D. Stearns (Army)
Donald Gavin (Navy)
Clarence E. Nolin (Army)
2nd Lieut. Helen Cichonowicz (Army)
Dominique Gosselin (Air Corps)
William P. O’Connell (Army)
Earl L. Currier (Army)
Lawrence Hewett (Navy)
Robert Sullivan (Army)
James Coniff Jr. (Army)
Howard Hogan (Navy)
Thomas Sullivan (Army)
Russell Bean (Air Corps)
Walter Holden (Navy)
Adam Tarajkowski (Army)
James Dashner (Army)
Silvio LaChapelle (Army)
Corp. Reginald E. Tatro
(Air Corps)
Sgt. A. L. Lavolette (Air Corps)
Frederick LeBarge (Army)
Paul Lodginska [Gold Star] (Army)
Leonard Gintoff (Navy)
Robert Mundy (Air Corps)
William Zarychta (Army)
Lt. Peter Sheddon (Air Corps)
Howard Pecor (Army)
Victor Roy [Gold Star] (Army)
Martin L. Lashua (Navy)
Frank Pintello (Navy)
George M. Dowhan (Air Corp)
Joseph Krupski (Marines)
Natale Pintello (Army)
Armand L. Bernier (Army)
Edward Abrahamovich (Marines)
Salvatore Pintello [No icon]
Edward Massey (Marines)
Edmund Lafko (Army)


This project was submitted for publication online as part of The Honor Roll Project:


Denise Picard Lindgren and Heather Wilkinson Rojo, "Springfield, Vermont Honor Roll, World War II", Nutfield Genealogy, posted November 7, 2016, ( accessed [access date]). 


  1. A lovely way to honor these veterans during the week of Veterans' Day. Wouldn't it be great if a descendant of one of these vets found your blog and learned more about the family tree by seeing these names?

    1. Dear Marian, several descendants, relatives and army buddies have found familiar names on these honor roll posts. We've received a few emails and comments. Over time, I'm sure this will happen more and more!