Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Weathervane Wednesday ~ One in a seven piece art installation

Weathervane Wednesday is an on-going series of photographs I post every week.  I started out by publishing only weather vanes from the Londonderry area, but now I've been finding interesting weather vanes from all over New England.  Sometimes these weather vanes are whimsical, or historical, but all are very unique.  Often, my readers tip me off to some very special and unusual weather vanes, but this week two readers sent in photos of the same weathervane!

Today's weather vane is from somewhere in Massachusetts.

Do you know the location of weather vane #284?  Scroll down to see the answer...

Photographed by Laurie Conn

Photographed by Lori Lynn Price
Imagine that!  Two readers sent in photographs of this cow weathervane seen outside of the T station in Davis Square, Somerville, Massachusetts.  In the Boston area, "The T" is the transportation system that includes the subway, trolleys, busses and ferries.

The interesting this about this weathervane is that it is part of a seven piece art installation.  There are seven poles, and atop each pole is a piece of art representing the seven hills of Somerville created by artist Clifford Selbert in 2010.  These hills are Central, Carendon (an alewife fish), Cobble Hill (a model of MacLean Hospital), Mount Benedict (Plowed Hill), Mount Pisgah (Prospect Hill, with a minature stone tower), Spring Hill and Winter Hill.  The cow weathervane represents Spring Hill, which was called Milk Way historically because cows were grazed there at a place called "Stinted Commons".  Each pole has a sign describing the historical significance of the art symbolizing the hills.

To see more photos of the other poles, click this link from the Somerville Times

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