Friday, December 9, 2016

Cousin Steve as a little boy

Photo Friday!

When I was a little girl, my first cousin Steve was a teenager.  We moved to Holden, Massachusetts and they lived nearby in Worcester, and he was already in high school.  I thought he was very grown up.  He was almost ten years older than me, and a very serious young man.

When my cousin in California sent me some of my grandmother's photographs it was fun to see lots of cousin pictures.  I had a lot of fun finding photos of Steve as a little boy.  I didn't even recognize him, and had to ask his sister to identify these pictures!  It's also fun to see my Dad as a young man in this photo, before he was married.

Happy Birthday, Stephen!  March 24th (unknown year)
Photographed at 7 Dearborn Avenue, Beverly
Left to right: Robert Wilkinson (my uncle); Jack Wilkinson (my Dad), 
Donald and Bertha Wilkinson (my grandparents), cousin Steve


Heather Wilkinson Rojo, "Cousin Steve as a little boy", Nutfield Genealogy, posted December 9, 2016, ( accessed [access date]).

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