Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Chinese Camp Cemetery, new photos from a reader! ~ Tombstone Tuesday

Back in 2011 I blogged about our visit to the tiny Gold Rush mining town of Chinese Camp in Tuolumne County, California.  It was the first time I visited a cemetery in California, and I was a novice at avoiding rattlesnakes and heat stroke!  You can see the post about the town of Chinese Camp HERE, and the Chinese Camp Cemetery HERE.

In my original blog post I described how we were driving to Yosemite National Park from San Francisco.  As we passed through Chinese Camp I remembered the name from my family tree research, and realized that there was a distant member of my family buried here. We explored the cemetery a while but never found the grave we were looking for.

Just yesterday a reader named Gloria Ruiz sent me a nice message about Chinese Camp, and she found the grave of Anna (Norcross) (Wilkinson) (Bush).  Since 2011 I have confirmed that she is from my branch of Wilkinsons. (See the original post for the genealogical information).

1884  +  1965

Gloria Ruiz described Chinese Camp in the spring as lush and green. She said "I did find it in the beautiful tall GREEN grass. LOL. It's beautiful here this time of year...Next time you visit come in late March early April no snakes!"

Gloria is a resident of Chinese Camp, which has a population of only 100 people!  She and her rescue dog, Maude, took a walk up to the Chinese Camp cemetery for these photos.  She described Anna's grave as "... the first row to your left as soon as you enter the gate.  Then go past the larger plots and just past John Hansen's plot about 3 to 5 plots is Anna's headstone."  She included photos of the row of plots and John Hansen's headstone for reference.

Gloria also described the town a little for me.  She said that there are new owners of the local store, who keep it open 7 days a week.  The catholic church was scheduled to be torn down, but the residents petitioned to keep it because it is a historical landmark. They are going to restore it for use as a worship and community center.

Thank you so much, Gloria and Maude!

My 2011 post about my trip to Chinese Camp:

My 2011 post about the Chinese Camp Cemetery:


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  1. Gloria and Maude gave you a lovely gift, not only of the cemetery photos but stories as well. Your ancestor Anna is resting in peace here, well taken care of.