Monday, April 23, 2018

The 1969 Boston Herald Traveler story of the 250th Anniversary of Nutfield, New Hampshire

Transcribed from vintage newspaper The Boston Herald Traveler, Sunday, June 29, 1969, Boston, Massachusetts, page 46.

3 New Hampshire Towns Mark 250th Anniversary

A celebration involving three adjoining Southern New Hampshire towns will be held Thursday through Sunday.  Observing the 250th anniversary of the setting of Nutfield (the original name of the area) will be Derry, Londonderry and Windham.

The area was settled in 1719 by hardy Scotch Irish from Northern Ireland who brought with them the white potato which they introduced to the New World.

Among the events scheduled are: a Frontier Parade at Windham, Thursday, 7:30 pm; a Pre-1800’s Parade at Londondery, Friday, 9am; WHDH-TV’s “Bozo” at Londonderry, Friday, 3pm.  An appearance of the nationally known “Serendipity Singers” at Londonderry, Friday, 8pm”.

Also:  “Ten Generations on Parade” a procession at Derry, Saturday, 10am; a hot air balloon ascension at Derry on Saturday afternoon; “Ten Generations on Stage”, an historical pageant at Derry, Saturday, 8pm; “Ten Generations of Worship” an ecumenical big tent service at Londonderry, Sunday, 9:30am; a fireman’s parade through Derry, Sunday, 1pm, followed by a muster at Londonderry.

On Sunday at 3pm, the First Church , East Derry, will observe its 250th anniversary.  One of the closing events will be groundbreaking for the Nutfield Estates housing for the elderly project at Derry, Sunday, at 4:30pm.

All three towns are issuing commemorative coins.  The reverse of all three coins will be identical while the obverse will depict events and symbols closely related to each town.

The Taylor Mill on Island Pond Rd, Derry, will be open during the anniversary.  The unusual up-and-down saw, one of the first built, will be operated and demonstrated at 10am, 2pm and 4pm each day when there are gatherings of 15 or more people.

Built originally in 1805 by Robert Taylor, it lay abandoned from 1916 when the dam went out until the mid-1940s when it was purchased by Ernest K. Ballard of Lexington, Mass.  Ballard completed restoration in 1951 and deeded it to the State of New Hampshire upon his death in 1953.”


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