Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Tombstone Tuesday ~ Mrs. Hannah Moore, and her grandson Albert

These tombstones were photographed at the Cemetery on the Plain in Windham, New Hampshire

In memory of
Albert Son of
Mr. Silas &
Mrs. Hannah Moor
Who died
Jan. 18, 1828
Aged 6 months

Memory of
Died Oct. 10, 1832
AEt. 65

According to the website Windham, NH History by Derek Saffie, this is the grave of Mrs. Hannah Moor, even though the stone is carved with the word MISS.   She was the wife of Silas Moor Garland, who was granted a name change on 18 June 1828 to change his name to Silas Moor.  He states that Silas and Hannah Moor had “at least one child, Deacon Silas Moore”.  Saffie also proposes that the “Jeremiah Garland” and “Martha Garland” listed with the name change to Moor are probably two more children. [ see the blog page for an image of a document signed "Silas Moor Garlin"]

According to Leonard A. Morrison’s History of Windham in New Hampshire, page 652, this Hannah Moore who died in 1832 is Deacon Silas Moor’s mother, and he was grandson of Capt. William Moor, Revolutionary War veteran of the Battle of Bunker Hill.  Morrison states that Deacon Silas Moor married Hannah Hill in 1818 “and now (1882)… res. In Chicago, Illinois”.  They had five children listed in this book, and little Albert was born on 4 July 1827, and died 15 January 1828. 

There is a biography book found at the World Cat website Jeremiah Moore, son of Hannah Hills and Silas Moore, born 1823 at Windham, New Hampshire and died 1869 at Morley, Missouri, by author William Sanford Hills (a cousin?) and published at an unknown year.   This book probably answers the mystery of the name changes? 


Generation 1:  Charter James Moore, immigrant from Northern Ireland; married Elizabeth Gregg, daughter of Charter James Gregg.

Generation 2:  Capt. William Moore, born 1733 and died 13 Feb 1812; married Martha Mack, daughter of John Mack and Isabella Brown of Londonderry, Northern Ireland.  She was born 1734 and died 21 June 1808.

Generation 3:  Miss Hannah Moor, born about 1767, died 1832 (see gravestone above)

Generation 4:  Deacon Silas Moore, born 9 June 1793 in Windham; married Hannah Hills on 30 December 1818.  She was born 20 March 1800. 

Generation 5:  Albert Moor, the infant (see gravestone above)

It is curious that Deacon Silas Moore’s mother is listed as MISS Moor.  It is also curious that the husband changed his name from GARLAND to MOOR.    Was she an unwed mother with GARLAND children who took her maiden name? Divorced from the man named GARLAND and her name reverted back to “Miss Moor”? Was the "Silas Moor" in the name change document her husband or her son? 

For more information:

Derek Saffie, “The Name Change of the Garland Family”, Windham, NH History, posted March 26, 2016: http://www.windhamnhhistory.com/history/the-name-change-of-the-garland-family accessed on March 12, 2018. 

Leonard Allison Morrison, The History of Windham in New Hampshire (Rockingham County) 1719 – 1883, published 1883.  A Sketch of Deacon Silas Moore’s Family is on page 652, and a sketch of James Moor and Capt. William Moor on page 650.  

To see a weathervane on top of a barn built by Deacon Silas Moore in 1815:


Heather Wilkinson Rojo, "Tombstone Tuesday ~ Mrs. Hannah Moore, and her grandson Albert", Nutfield Genealogy, posted April 3, 2018, (  https://nutfieldgenealogy.blogspot.com/2018/04/tombstone-tuesday-mrs-hannah-moore-and.html: accessed [access date]).


  1. Another puzzling thing is that infant Albert was purportedly born when Hannah was 60 or 61 years old, well past normal child-bearing age.

    1. Hannah Hills bore Albert when she was about 27 or 28, the grandmother Hannah was about 60 or 61 years old.