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Deerfield, New Hampshire - Military Honor Roll

The Philbrick-James Library, Deerfield, New Hampshire

Last month I visited the Deerfield library to research my Batchelder ancestors who lived here in the late 1700s and early 1800s.  I noticed all the bronze plaques with the honor rolls of Deerfield citizens who served in various wars by the front door of the library.  There were quite a few Batchelder names on these rolls, in the American Revolution and Civil Wars, and some more in later years.  My 6th and 5th grandfathers, both named Nathaniel Batchelder, served in the Revolution and are named here.  Nathaniel Batchelder (1732 - 1778) died at Ticonderoga, and his son Stephen Batchelder (1757 - 1777), my 6th great uncle, died at the Battle of Bennington. My 5th great grandfather, Nathaniel Batchelder, Jr. ( 1763 - 1809), served when he was only 14 years old in Cilley's regiment.  His wife, Mary, received a widow's pension, and her lawyer Franklin Pierce signed the paperwork. He went on to become the 14th president of the United States.

In Memory of
Lieut. Nathaniel Meloon
Born – Exeter, N.H. – April 18, 1733
Died- Deerfield, N. H. July 1803
One of the original signers
Of petition dated June 28, 1765
To have a portion of Nottingham, N. H.
Set aside as a separate parish
Said portion now called
Deerfield, N. H.
Erected by
His Great Grandson – Jonathan C. Meloon

Deerfield Residents
Who Served
In World War II

Hollis W. Ambrose
Ralph E. Ambrose
Robert D. Ambrose
J. Warren Ambrose
Leonard C. Baker
Loring H. Bartlett
Hugh W. Batchelder *
Robert J. Batchelder
Roland C. Batchelder
Theodore H. Batchelder
Francis R. Blais
Leo J. Bolduc
D. Louis Boutin, Jr.
Jeanne A Boutin
Alvah B. Brown
Donald L. Chase
Barbara J. Cilley
John M. Cole
Lionel G. Cole
Leslie R. Corbin
Paul E. Corbin
John J. Crummey
Paul C. Cummings, Jr.
William W. Davenport
Franklin I. Davis
Emery Dearborn
John J. Dearborn
Roy A Decota
Robert H. Fay
Frank A. Florence
Stanley C. Florence
Earl L. Gardner
Patrick J. Gardner
Crosby W. Hale *
Richard N. Hammerstrom
Lloyd M. Hart
Alger H. Harvey
John C. Hendrick
Franklin I. Higgins
Joseph D. Hoague
Robert K. Hoague
Theodore Hoague, Jr. *
Richard A. Houghton
Richard H. Johnson
Kenneth R. King
Rober C. King
Laurent Laventure
Frederick H. Nelson
Paul Nichols
Charles M. Noyes
John E. Oakes
James C. O’Neal
Robert Picard
William T. Prince
Charles W. Rhuland
Stanford T. Rhuland
Edward W. Richards
George E. Richards
Lester R. Rich *
Phillip A. Riley
George T. Sanborn
William E. Sanborn
Robert E. Sanders
Russelll E. Sanders
Ralph E. Scribner
Donald Shaw
Raymond J. Shaw
Frank E. Shedd, Jr.
Folger A Shores
Eben H. Smith, Jr.
Dennis C. Stevens
George W. Stevens
Leonard F. Stevens
Robert A. Stevens
Ernest W. St. John
James S. Tilton
W. Frederick Tuttle
Waldo H. F. Twombly
Clyde G. Wallace
Preston B. Wares
Harry W. Wasson
Thomas E. Wasson
Arthur H. White
Melvin C. White
Walter W. White
Walter H. Wilson
Forest A. Witham
Korea Conflict
Donald Bickford
Clayton E. Boutin
Roland S. Bowden
Robert E. Carr
Lewis G. Clark, Jr.
James W. Clay, Jr.
William F. Crummey
Pierre G. Dore
Wilfred H. Florence, Jr.
Robert E. Gardner
Richard A. Kimball
Richard M. Lewis
Henry W. Matulaitis
Frank H. O’Neal
Floyd O. Sellers
Jessica B. Siegars
Paul M. Taylor
George L. Tilton
Everett H. Twombly
Ralph E. Twombly
Arthur H. White
Melvin C. White
War Casualties *


Residents of Deerfield New Hampshire
Who served in the Revolutionary War

Adjudent General Benjamin Butler
Doctor Edmund Chadwick
Colonel Joseph Hilton
Major Simon Marston
Major John Simpson
Captain Daniel Moore
Captain Nathan Sanborn
Lieut. Benjamin French
Lieut. Theopolus Stevens
Corp. Nathaniel Batchelder
Cor. Josiah Moody
John Abbott
Francis Ames
Nathaniel Batchelder
Josiah Batchelder
John Batchelder
Moses Batchelder
Ephraim Batchelder
Moses Barnard
Joseph Cram
Jonathan Cram
Joseph Chase
Robert Chase
Josiah Chase
Samuel Collins
Israel Clifford
Samuel Cate
Edward Dearborn
Phineas Dearborn
Jabez Dow
Reuben Doe
Daniel Daniels
Ephraim Eastman
Ezekiel Eastman
Asa Folsom
Benjamin Folsom
Thomas Gerrish
Joseph Grant
Ezekiel Gilman
Jonathan Griffin
John Hall
Joseph Hoitt
Simeon Haines
Jonathan Jenness
Benjamin Judkins
John Jewell
Moses Kelly
Moses Lock
Robert Lock
Daniel Ladd
Joseph Mills
Theodore Marston
Asa Marston
Jacob Morse
Daniel Mathers
Nathan Merrill
Thomas Matthews
Caleb Moor
Isaac Moor
Nathaniel Moor
John McCoy
Daniel McCoy
Thomas McLaughlin
Nathaniel Moulton
Joseph Norris
Andrew Nealey
Chase Page
Abraham Potter
Caleb Philbrick
Jethro Pettengill
Joseph Rawlins
John Riddle
Reuben Rand
James Robinson
John Runnels
John Raynolds
Patten Simpson
Barnard Sargent
Stephen Smith
Jeremiah Sawyer
Peter Stevens
Isaac Shepherd
John Stearns
Benjamin Towle
Joseph Thomas
Ezekiel Thurston
Joshua Veasey
John Wadleigh
Joshua Wells

War of 1812
Colonel Samuel Collins
Captain David Haines
Captain Winthrope Hilton
Sergeant Joshua Bishop
Jeremiah Avery
David H. Allen
True Brown
James Brown
Stephen Brown
Levi Blaisdell
George Blaisdell
Stephen Bartlett
Nathan Bartlett
William Coffin
Samuel Coffin
True Currier
Abraham Cram
Christopher Collins
Joseph Chase
David Chase
John Cotton
Gilbert Chadwick
John Dearborn
James Dalton
James Dow
Jeremiah Eastman
John Eastman
Ebenezer Fogg
Orrin Fogg
John H. Hoitt
Daniel Haines
William Haines
John Hilton
Ebenezer Huckins
Benjamin Hazeltine
Caleb Judkins
Benjamin Judkins
Ezekiel Knowles
John Langley
Levi Mudgett
Jeremiah Maloon
Nathaniel Marston
Thomas Mathers
John Mack
Joseph Merrill
John Palmer
Levi Palmer
Timothy Pearson
Winthrope Philbrick
Samuel  Page
Albion Perkins
Stephen Prescott
True Prescott
Joseph Prescott
Josiah Rollins
Ahijah Ring
William Rand
Isaac Shepard
Enoch F. Stevens
Sherburn Stevens
Simon Smith
Stephen Smith
Samuel Stearns
David Tandy
Abraham True
John M. Todd
Jacob Wallace
T. Morrill White
James White
Josiah Whittier
Mesheck Weare
John Wallace
Jonthan Veasey

Sons of Deerfield New Hampshire
Who served in the
World War

Brown Thomas J.   Capt. Medical Corps
Smith Chellis V.   Chaplain 74th Inf.
Tucker John E.    1st Lieut. 84th F/A
Hamburger  Amos F.  *   2nd Lieut.
                Died at Washington D. C. Dec. 1917
Hartford Guy S.   Sergt. 102nd Inf.
White George L Jr.   Sergt. 87th Aero Sq.
Hart Clarence W.    Coxswain U.S.N.
Lang George H.  Corp.   Q. M. C.
Peterson Albert    Corp. C. A. C.
Quniby Paul E. Corp..   301st Artillery
Tilton  Josiah B.  Corp. 103rd Inf.
Davis John E. C.   U. S. N.
Denyou Leon B.  96th Aero Sq.
Doe George H.  152nd D. B.
Fogg Carl M.  101st F. A.
Hall Frank P. 151st D. B.
Hammerstrom Arthur   158th D. B.
Hart Isaac S.   U. S. N.
Hart Lysle E.  U. S. N.
Hartford Edgar C. *   103rd Inf.
                Killed at Bois de Harmont  Oct. 28th 1918
Harvey Leon W.   42nd Inf.
James Alden C.   109th Machine Gun Co.
Johnson Thomas B.    32nd Aero Sq.
Mandigo  Roy W.   212th Engineers
McNeal George E.  U. S. N.
McNeal James E.   151st D. B.
Pethick Ralph D.   U.S.A.
Pinkham Samuel H.  U.S.N.
Prescott Frank W.   musician C.A.C
Stevens Fred N.  *      103rd Inf.
                Died in Liverpool, England  Oct. 19, 1917
Tilton Bryon O.  Q. M. C.
Tilton Washington  301st Ammunition
York Elmer O.  U.S.A.
Young Ernest *   U. S. A.
                Died at Fort McPherson, Dec. 10, 1917


Deerfield Residents
Who Served

Ames, Kenneth E.
Ames, Ralph K., Jr.
Arhcer, Jeffrey W.
Briggs Barclay M. Jr.
Briggs, William P.
Brackett, James H.
Brackett, Kenneth A.
Brackett, Robert P.
Brinkler, John S. Jr.
Brown, Arthur L.
Bruce, Otis R. Jr.
Burritt, Robert H.
Burtt, Charles W.
Carr, Ervin L.
Cippollino, Michael
Cole, Gary M.
Cole, Ronald W.
Crummey, John E.
Garland, John C.
Garland, Paul A.
Gluckert, Norman M., Jr.
Hussey, Paul J. Jr.
Johnson, Ronald D.
Keech, George A.
Laramee, Dennis
Laramee, Wilfred
Lindahl, Peter A.
Lovering, Richard M.
Marquis, Richard A.
Marston, Arthur W.
McDuffee, James S.
McDuffee, Michael B.
McIntyre, James A.
Mitchell, David S.
Piwowarczyk, Ronald L.
Piwowarczyk, Stanley R.
Nelson, Michael N.
Rollins, Burce A.
Ross, Robert G.
Sanborn, Charles R.
Sanborn, Stephen E.
Sears, Joe
Sherburne, John L.
Shattuck, Allen A.
Shattuck, Edward Jr.
Sidmore, David W.
Snook, George L.
Smith, Dana R.
Stevens, Daniel C.
Stevens, George W. Jr.
Stevens, Harley F.
Stevens, Michael D.
Stevens, Robert J.
Stevens, Robert L.
Stevens, Thomas D.
Stevens, William D.
Stevens, William W.
Winslow, Christian E.
Winslow, Wadsworth III
Witham, Donald R.
Witham, Edward M.
Witham, Kenneth D.
Witham, Lloyd J.
Woodworth, David B.
Wyman, William J.


Residents of Deerfield New Hampshire
Who served in the Civil War

2nd Regiment
Alex W. Ainslee
John Boody
Joseph A. Doe
John A. Emerson
George E. Hill
Jacob W. Hill
Joseph T. Hoitt
George H. Johnson
Charles H. Jones
William H. Keniston

3rd Regiment
Albert F. Batchelder
George W. Benson
James M. Dickey
Stephen F. Fogg
 James H. Gannon
Thomas H. B. James
Henry J. Pettigrew
David M. Quimby
John L. Randall
Dana D. Robinson
John O. Thomas
Charles F. Tilton

4th Regiment
James Kelley
John L. Mack
James Webber

5th Regiment
Joseph B. Ayer
John Bryson
Jesse H. Clay
Edward Corney
Charles E. P. Hoyt
S. J. Jagers
James Morrisey
Benjamin F. Mead
Joseph B. Osgood
George B. Prescott
William S. Thompson
Rufus K. Watson
John L. Woodman
David Young, Jr.
Hiram A. Young

6th Regiment
George B. Tilton

7th Regiment
George W. Cook
Michael Denyou
Henry M. Fife
William Kenney

7th Regiment
Augustus W. Robinson
Joseph Stone
William F. Sanborn
Chas. H. Stockbridge
Ivory O. Saunders
Joseph Watson
Jacob Witham

8th Regiment
George A. Abbott
Moses Barnard, Jr.
George W. Corlis
Benjamin Hazelton
John H. Hill
George S. Witherell
Otis C. Witherell

9th Regiment
Daniel C. Ayer
Jos. C. Batchelder
John W. Cook
Isaac S. Hill
Martin V. B. Hill
Charles G. Marsh
Peter Menard
Samuel F. Morrill
John McGowan
McNorman C. Smith

10th Regiment
John Allen
Stephen Wheeler

11th Regiment
Chap. Edward Lyford
1st Lt. Isaac H. Morrison
1st Lt. Merrill Johnson
2nd Lt. Joseph H. Cram
Edmund R. Batchelder
Jona. H. Batchelder
Charles H. Boody
Charles O. Brown
Charles H. Carter
Matt Casey
Michael Coleman
Benjamin F. Dennett
Rufus D. Doe
Henry E. Durgin
Henry L. Fifield
Rufus P. George
Albert M. Harvey
George W. Harvey
Ladd P. Harvey
Sherman F. Hildreth
Winthrop A. Hilton

11th Regiment
James Jenkins
George E. Johnson
George P. Ladd
William H. H. Lang
Almon S. Langley
John K. Law
Mitchel P. LeGro
Samuel S. Maloon
Encoch F. Maloon
Enoch Morrill
John MCCarthy
William H. Parsons
Samuel J. Randall
Ahijah Ring
Alvin G. Ring
James Ritchie
William Ritchie
Steph. B. Robinson, Jr.
Benning W. Robinson
Francis S. Rollins
Thomas W. Sanborn
David Smith, Jr.
Peter Smith
Paschal Sturtevant
Geo. F. Sylvester
Chas. H. Thompson
John L. B. Thompson
Charles E. Tilton
Charles S. Tyler
George A. Whittier
James S. Whidden

15th Regiment
Capt. Jona. H. Johnson
1st Lt. Jere. Chadwick
Frank L. Adams
Alfred E. Ambrose
Edwin Batchelder
Benj. B. Batchelder
Albion A. Bean
Arthur M. Chase
J. Woodbury Chase
William C. Donovan
Wesley Fife
William Fife
James W. Goodhue
William Jenkins
Josiah B. Philbrick
Joseph W. Randall
Anthony L. Sanborn
Charles F. Smith
William T. Stevens
George W. Tilton
Charles E. White
Edwin E. Witherell

Franklin J. Butler   Lieutenant Colonel Troops
Samuel H. Ballou  Artillery
Joseph W. Morrill  U.S. Cavalry
James Logan    Marine Corps
John Paine   Navy

Service out of New Hampshire
George W. Ayer  Conn.
George R. Cate   8th Mass.
George F. Doe   Artillery
Jos. W. James    Signal Corps
Georg H. Ladd   22nd Mass.
Joseph W. LeGro  22nd NY
John H. Robinson   19th Mass.
Lt. Sherman F. Robinson  19th Mass.
Levi C. Sanborn 2nd Mass

Spanish War
Edward F. Sullivan

The website for the Philbrick James library in Deerfield, New Hampshire: 

This transcription and photo will become part of The Honor Roll Project: 


Heather Wilkinson Rojo, "Deerfield, New Hampshire - Military Honor Roll", Nutfield Genealogy, posted May 14, 2018, ( accessed [access date]). 

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