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Surname Saturday ~ GREEN of Malden, Massachusetts


I have another GREEN ancestor I have already featured at this blog, Bartholomew Green (about 1590 – 1636) of Cambridge, Massachusetts.  They do not appear to be kin.

Thomas Green, my 9th great grandfather, arrived in Massachusetts aboard the ship Planter in 1635/6.  In 1646 he was living at Lady Deborah Moody’s farm in Lynn, Massachusetts, and by 1650 he was a resident of Malden.  He had a 63 acre farm located in what is now the Melrose and Wakefield border.  He was a farmer, and was elected a selectman in 1658, and a juror several times for Middlesex County.

There were two Thomas Greens living in Malden at this time.  This Thomas Green is called “senior” and his son is “Thomas Green junior”.  The other Thomas Green had no suffix after his name.  My ancestor Thomas Green left a will dated 12 November 1667, proven on 15 January 1667/8.  It doesn’t name his wife, but it names all his children.

Two of his children are my ancestors. His son William, my 8th great grandfather, was born in 1625 and settled in Malden.  He was a freeman in 1668, selectman in 1678, 1683, and 1702.  His son, Isaac Green, my 7th great grandfather, left Malden and settled in Falmouth, on Cape Cod, where he is buried. I descend from his daughter, Martha, born in 1705, my 6th great grandmother who married Peter Robinson, the great great grandson of Rev. John Robinson, pastor to the pilgrims.

Thomas’s daughter, Hannah Green (1647 – 1721) is also my 8th great great grandmother. She married Joseph Richardson and removed to the town of Woburn, which was settled by Malden and Charlestown residents.    Joseph Richardson was a member of Major Samuel Appleton’s militia and was engaged in the Great Swamp Fight on 19 December 1675.  They had five children.

Some GREEN resources:

The New England Historic Genealogical Register, Volume 16, page 74  and also Volume 61, page 65

The Payne-Joynce Genealogy website:  

Descendants of Thomas Green of Malden, Massachusetts by Samuel S. Green, 1858

The Greenes of Rhode Island with Historical Records of England Ancestors, by Louise Brownell Clarke, 1903.

My GREEN genealogy:

Generation 1: Thomas Green, born in England, died 19 December 1667 in Malden, Massachusetts; married on 26 June 1627 in Malden to Elizabeth Unknown.  She had ten children.  He married second Frances Watson, the widow of Isaac Wheeler and Richard Cook. 

Lineage A:

Generation 2A:  William Green, born 15 December 1635 in England; died 30 December 1705 in Malden; married on 13 March 1659 in Malden to Elizabeth Wheeler as his first wife (the daughter of Isaac Wheeler and Frances Watson, she had six children); married second on 6 February 1695 to Isabel Farmer, daughter of John Farmer and Isabella Burbage (she had no children).

Generation 3A: Isaac Green, born about 1666 in Malden, died 4 January 1739/40 in Falmouth, Massachusetts; married about 1693 to Sarah Unknown as his first wife (six children); married second on 6 August 1716 in Falmouth to Judith Betell. 

Lineage A1:

Generation 4A1:  William Green, born 20 November 1696 in Malden, died about 1773 in Falmouth; married 26 May 1726 in Falmouth to Joanna Mendall, daughter of John Mendall and Joanna Standike.  She was born 13 May 1690 in Rochester, Massachusetts; and died before 3 May 1773. 

Generation 5A1:  Tabitha Green, born 18 December 1726 in Falmouth; married on 7 January 1748 to Jabez Robinson, son of Peter Robinson and Martha Green (see below).  He was born 9 June 1726 in Falmouth.  Five children.

Generation 6A1:  Elizabeth Robinson m. Ebenezer Crosby
Generation 7A1:  Rebecca Crosby m. Comfort Haley
Generation 8A1:  Joseph Edwin Healy m. Matilda Weston
Generation 9A1:  Mary Etta Healey m. Peter Hoogerzeil
Generation 10A1: Florence Etta Hoogerzeil m. Arthur Hitchings
Generation 11A1:  Gertrude Matilda Hitchings m. Stanley Elmer Allen (my grandparents)

Lineage A2:

Generation 4A2:  Martha Green, born 28 October 1705 in Falmouth; married on 18 July 1724 in Falmouth to Peter Robinson, son Of Isaac Robinson and Hannah Harper. He was born 15 December 1701 in Falmouth, and died after 1772.  Seven children.

Generation 5A2:  Jabez Robinson m. Tabitha Green (see above)

Lineage B:

Generation B2:  Hannah Green, born 7 February 1647 in Woburn, Massachusetts, and died 20 May 1721 in Norwich, Connecticut; married on 5 November 1666 in Woburn to Joseph Richardson, son of Samuel Richardson and Joanna Thake.  He was born 27 July 1643 in Woburn, and died 5 March 1718 in Woburn.  Five children.

Generation B3:  Mary Richardson m. James Fowle
Generation B4:  Mary Fowle m. James Simonds, Jr.
Generation B5:  Caleb Simonds m. Susanna Converse
Generation B6:  Ruth Simonds m. Andrew Munroe
Generation B7:  Luther Simonds Munroe m. Olive Flint
Generation B8:  Phebe Cross Munroe m. Robert Wilson Wilkinson
Generation B9:  Albert Munroe Wilkinson m. Isabella Lyons Bill
Generation B10:   Donald Munroe Wilkinson m. Bertha Louise Roberts (my grandparents)

See this link for my ROBINSON lineage back to Rev. John Robinson, pastor to the Pilgrims:


Heather Wilkinson Rojo, “Surname Saturday ~ GREEN of Charlestown and Malden, Massachusetts”, Nutfield Genealogy, posted July 21, 2018, ( accessed [access date]). 


  1. The names are the same but that Thomas Lynde pre-dates Elizabeth Tufts and Peter's immigration closer to 1638. They sure rubbed elbows with the Tufts in Mdeford, Melrose and area. There are many family names here which appear in the Tufts families as well. There are 9 Greens and one Greene in Tufts Kinsmen volume 1. It includes 2 names I have never seen: Borradelll and Keturah. Neither solve my brick wall adopted ancestors lineage though. My Great Grandmother Caroline Effeda Greene (18853-1931) was adopted by the Locke's of Arlington MA at age 6. Her father signed the adoption document Samuel G Greene, of Boston, (the mother being deceased).

  2. There is a likely typo in the marriage date (1667 of Thomas Green and Elizabeth Lynde in Generation 1. They could not have married after her death in 1658.

    1. You are correct! It's a typo. It should read 1627. I'm editing that now.