Monday, July 2, 2018

Thirty Five Years Ago Today...

Thirty five years ago today these two kids were married in Holden, Massachusetts at the First Congregational Church, July 2, 1983.

It was a hot, humid day, just like today.  My uncle Robert drove me around the block several times because he wanted me to be "fashionably late" for my wedding.  Black thunder clouds were rolling in, so I begged him to "take me to the church on time"!  Just at the stroke of 10am the skies opened and it started to pour.  There was thunder and lightning as my Dad walked me in the church and up the stairs to the sanctuary.  The thunder was so loud the minister had to pause his remarks at the beginning of the service.

By the end of the wedding the sun was shining and the rain had stopped. All our guests said it was a blessing to have rain at a wedding.  That must have been true.  Today is our thirty-fifth anniversary!

Outside the William Paul House,
Holden, Massachusetts

We had our reception luncheon at the William Paul House restaurant down the street from the church. Now this pretty building is a Chinese restaurant!

Both Dads have both passed away since then.  And Uncle Robert. And many other friends and relatives.  But we also have new friends and relatives, and a daughter and son-in-law, and a beautiful granddaughter.  Life goes on.

My Dad, John W. Wilkinson (1934 - 2002)
Vincent's Dad, Vicente Rojo ( 1931 - 2014)

My grandmother, Bertha Roberts Wilkinson (1897 - 1990)

We took our honeymoon in Quebec and Montreal. We've been back to visit Quebec several times and it remains a favorite destination.  I hope to return again soon.

Our rental car for the trip to Quebec

Our honeymoon suite was in the Chateau Frontenac
Somewhere on the road between Quebec and Montreal,
it was raining again!

Thirty five years ago president Ronald Reagan announced that GPS would become available for civilians, Mount Kilauea began erupting (and still is erupting!), the final episode of MASH aired, Michael Jackson did his first moonwalk in the "Billie Jean" video, Sally Ride became the first American woman astronaut, and the United States invaded the island of Grenada.  Gas cost $1.03 per gallon, a postage stamp was 20 cents, and we bought our first 2 bedroom condo in Malden (outskirts of Boston) for $55,000.  I recently saw an ad for a condo for sale in that same building for over $315,000.

One year later, on the exact day of our first anniversary, Vincent had his first day of work at Sanders Associates in New Hampshire.  By October 1st we had moved up to Londonderry.  Vincent still works for the same company, although the name has changed three or four times over the years. We still live in New Hampshire, but in the next town over (Manchester).

Our first apartment in Arlington, Massachusetts,
and our first cat, Minino (1983 - 1997)


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  1. The era looks so familiar to me although we married in 1975.

  2. What a beautiful bride you were Heather. Such fond memories for you. Thanks for sharing them. And, may you be blessed with 35 more years together.
    I love your blog!

  3. Happy anniversary and many more. Loved your photos! Enjoy 35 more years of happiness together.

  4. Nice memory trip back in time. In 1983 my 5th son turned 1 year old.