Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Tombstone Tuesday ~ Mary Ingalls and Daniel Bray, buried at Salem, Massachusetts

This tombstone was photographed at Burying Point in Salem, Massachusetts

In Memory of
widow of Mr. Daniel Bray
Ob. Sep. 28, 1805
Aged 68 Years

Depart my friends, dry up your tears,
Here I must be 'till Christ appears.
Death is a debt to nature due,
I've paid the debt and so must you.

In Memory of
Ob. June 24, 1798
Aged 63 Years.

Daniel Bray, son of Benjamin Bray and Hannah Lander, was born 17 July 1736 in Salem, Massachusetts and died 24 June 1798.  He married Mary Ingalls, daughter of Ephraim Ingalls and Hannah Manning, on 15 May 1760.  She was baptized at the First Church on 28 Jan 1737 in Salem, and died 28 September 1805.  They had seven children:  Mary, Elizabeth, Hannah, Sally, Abigail, Daniel and Benjamin.

Capt. Daniel Bray was a master-mariner.  According to the compiled genealogy The Driver Family, page 261 "He lived in Salem, Mass. on Brown Street, near the corner of Newbury Street, in a house built there by himself... After the death of Capt. Daniel his descendants inhabited the same house for many years, it being called the Bray homestead."  This house is still standing today, built in 1766.

Daniel Bray is my 1st cousin, 8 generations removed.  His grandparents, Robert Bray (died 1694) and Christian Collins, are my 8th great grandparents.  Mary Ingalls is also a distant cousin to me, our common ancestors are the immigrants Edmund Ingalls (1586 - 1648) and his wife Ann Trip, my 9th great grandparents.

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  1. I am so very worried about this cemetery! I truly believe that it should only be open by appointment but the City maintains that it must be open by state law--meanwhile thousands of people have trampled through it this month: https://www.salemnews.com/news/local_news/salem-officials-plead-with-historic-cemetery-visitors-to-keep-off/article_a21076f4-bd76-511c-a716-26f5da4d55c3.html