Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Tombstone Tuesday ~ Toddler killed by a Sleigh, Wethersfield, Connecticut, 1789

This tombstone was photographed at the Wethersfield Village Cemetery, in Wethersfield, Connecticut.

Hannah Daughter
of Mr. John & Mrs
Unice Standish
who was killed by 
a Sleigh Janry 20th
Aged 2 Years 
6 mos
& 20 Days

Oh, what a tragedy this must have been!  Did little Hannah fall from the sleigh, or was she struck by the running vehicle?  It doesn't matter, because her parents obviously grieved her loss, and erected this lovely gravestone.

I photographed this stone because I was struck by the epitaph, and I'm also a descendant of Myles Standish, the Mayflower passenger.  However, this child was not a distant cousin since this Standish family descends from Thomas Standish (1612 - 1692), an immigrant from Lancashire, England to Wethersfield.  

Hannah Standish was the daughter of John Standish (1735 - 1798) and Eunice Tryon (1763 - 1837).  


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  1. I wonder if there might be a digitized newspaper account of the tragedy (either now or in the future).