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Surname Saturday ~ ALLEN of Salisbury, Massachusetts

There are a lot of ALLENs in my family tree!  I have posted two other ALLEN lines from my family tree.  William Allen (1602 – 1678) of Manchester, Massachusetts (three lineages, two on my maternal side, and one on my paternal side), and also a post about Samuel Allen (1598 – 1669) of Braintree, Massachusetts.  My mother’s maiden name is ALLEN.  I recently discovered a link to William Allen (1611 – 1686) of Salisbury, the subject of this post.  I had already researched quite a bit about this particular William Allen because he is often confused with William Allen of Manchester.  They have the same names, lived during the same time periods, lived in contiguous towns, and name their children the same names.  Phew!

William Allen was granted 4 acres of land on Deer Island on 19 June 1638.  This island is in the Merrimack River near Newbury.  He then settled in that part of Salisbury, Massachusetts that is now the town of Amesbury as early as 1639.  He was a housewright.  

William Allen married first to Ann Goodale, mother of eleven children, and then married second to Alice, the widow of both John Roper and John Dickinson.  William Allen died in 1686 and left a lengthy will that showed he was a very wealthy man.  The inventory of his estate was worth more than 280 pounds.

I descend from his fourth child, and third daughter, Martha Allen (1646 – 1718) who married Richard Hubbard.  Both Richard and Martha signed the Bradbury Petition on 22 July 1692, in support of Marry Bradbury of Salisbury and professing her innocence in the midst of the Salem witch trials.  Because of this and other ongoing petitions and protests her execution was delayed until after the hysteria had passed.  Mary Bradbury was never hanged, and she died of natural causes in 1700.  They had ten children and I descend from their daughter Comfort Hubbard who married Joshua Weeks. 

Some ALLEN resources:

The History of Gloucester by John James Babson, 1860 (some of his sketch on William Allen of Salisbury is mixed up with the William Allen of Manchester, particularly the bit about the early Dorchester Company)

Massachusetts and Maine Families in the Ancestry of Walter Goodwin Davis, by Walter Goodwin Davis, 1996, Volume I, pages 6 – 12.

Essex Antiquarian, Volume II, pages 17 - 25 for the article "Descendants of William Allen of Salisbury" [note that descendant #107 Jeremiah Allen married Abigail Allen of Manchester, intermarriage between the two Cape Ann Allen families!]

Old Families of Salisbury and Amesbury, by David W. Hoyt, 1897, page 31

My Hubbard Surname Saturday post:   

My ALLEN genealogy:

Generation 1:   William Allen, born 1611 probably in England, died 18 June 1686 on Deer Island, Newbury, Massachusetts; married first to Ann Goodale, daughter of Richard Goodale and Dorothy Whiterent.  She was born about 1622 in England and died 31 May 1678 in Salisbury, Massachusetts (eleven children); married second to Alice Unknown, the widow of John Roper and John Dickinson.

Generation 2:  Martha Allen, born about 1646 in Salisbury, died 4 October 1718 in Salisbury, married about 1666 to Richard Hubbard, the son of Richard Hubbard and Hannah Parker.  He was born about 1645 in Salisbury, and died 26 June 1719 in Salisbury.  Ten children.

Generation 3: Comfort Hubbard m. Joshua Weeks
Generation 4: Mary Weeks m. Jonathan Chesley
Generation 5: Comfort Chesley m. Stephen Perkins
Generation 6:  Mary Perkins m. Nathaniel Batchelder
Generation 7: Jonathan Batchelder m. Nancy Thompson
Generation 8: George E. Batchelder m. Abigail M. Locke
Generation 9: George E. Batchelder m. Mary Katharine Emerson
Generation 10: Carrie Maude Batchelder m. Joseph Elmer Allen
Generation 11: Stanley Elmer Allen m. Gertrude Matilda Batchelder


Heather Wilkinson Rojo, “Surname Saturday ~ ALLEN of Salisbury, Massachusetts”, Nutfield Genealogy, posted December 22, 2018, ( accessed [access date]). 

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