Saturday, June 1, 2019

Happy 200th Birthday to the New Hampshire State House

The New Hampshire State House, our Capitol Building, opened on 2 June 1819.  It is the oldest State House in the USA which still uses the original chambers for the legislature.  Originally, in 1758 the State House was in Portsmouth. In 1774 it removed to Exeter, and then it removed again in 1808 to Concord. At first the building held the General Court, the State Library and the Governor and the Council.  For a PDF of the House history, click on this link:  

The State House has undergone extensive renovations over the past few years and there were many events leading up to this big anniversary celebration.   It celebrates it's 200th anniversary with a list of events for every day this week (see below). 

Please join us during our week-long Bicentennial Celebration of the New Hampshire State House from June 2 – 8, 2019 in our capital city, Concord.

SUNDAY – JUNE 2, 2019: Opening Day
MONDAY – JUNE 3, 2019: Governors’ Day
TUESDAY – JUNE 4, 2019: Supreme Court Day
WEDNESDAY – JUNE 5, 2019: Cultural Heritage and Arts Day
THURSDAY – JUNE 6, 2019: Legislative Homecoming
FRIDAY – JUNE 7, 2019: NH Made Street Market
SATURDAY – JUNE 8, 2019: Closing Ceremony

For a full schedule and description of each day’s events, visit

Rear view of the Capitol Building

The Hall of Flags

The Hall of Flags, Main Entrance

Every school child remembers the series dioramas
of New Hampshire History hidden behind
the State House gift shop
Every wall of the inside corridors is covered with portaits,
historical paintings, artifacts and plaques

The New Hampshire State Council of the Arts collects the artwork that fills the halls of the State House.  It is funded by the Percent for Art program.  The artwork is intended for the benefit of New Hampshire citizens. It is free to walk the halls of the State House and enjoy the history, the artwork and the battle flags displayed in the main entrance.  The front lawn also contains sculptures, memorials and interesting art. 

Franklin Pierce


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