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Photo Friday - Casa de Abuelo Manuel Martin

The note on the back of the photo
Another view
When we were in Spain Vincent's cousin was cleaning his parents' apartment and found a stash of old photos.  He kindly let us photograph many of these photos. Fortunately we were able to look them over with my mother-in-law, who was able to identify many family members in the photos.

These photos show Vincent's cousin Chemari (José María) as a young boy with his grandfather, Vincent's tio Joaquín García, in front of the home of Manuel Martin Ventura in the village of Villar de Ciervo, Salamanca, Spain. Manuel Martin was Vincent's great grandfather, too!  I don't think Vincent ever met this ancestor, even though he lived during Vincent's lifetime.   We visited Villar de Ciervo over 20 years ago, and I have a painting of this same house hanging on my office wall, but the view is from the rear of the house.  It was painted by the village pharmacist!

Manuel Martin was born about 1880 in Barcelona, the son of Mateo Martín, a native of Vitigudino, Salamanca, and Manuela Ventura.  Manuel married on 23 January 1904 in Villar de Ciervo to Josefa Rivero, born 23 October 1884 in Villar Ciervo and died 17 November 1937 in Villar Ciervo.  They had four children - María Joaquina, Nicolás, Luisa Antonia, and María Consuelo (Vincent's maternal grandmother, who grew up in this house).

Manuel Martin was a cattle and sheep trader, and a breeder of "toros bravos" or bulls bred for the sport of bullfighting.  He was a farmer and grew grapes for wine.  Manuel Martin often traveled to Barcelona to trade his bulls, just like his father.  We aren't sure if the Martin family is native to Salamanca or to Barcelona.

Josefa Rivero and Manuel Martin
Villar de Ciervo, Salamanca, Spain


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