Wednesday, August 31, 2022

A Pig - Weathervane Wednesday

 This little piggie was photographed at Kimball Farm, Westford, Massachusetts.

This two dimensional pig weathervane is located near the beach volleyball court at the very popular venue called Kimball Farm in Westford, Massachusetts.  This farm has been a popular location for ice cream since 1939.  The original dairy farm is now not only an ice cream parlor, but it is extremely busy hosting family, business, and social events in tents.  Many birthday parties, class reunions, scout trips, corporate outings, weddings, and more are hosted daily.  The cow pastures have been replace with driving ranges, mini-golf, amusement park like rides, a petting farm, and lovely gardens and wooded walkways.  There are also three other Kimball Farm locations (ice cream only). 

There is a lovely green patina developing on this pig weathervane. I love the details, like the curly tail and the flat snout!  This weathervane is only about ten feet above the footpath, so you can enjoy the artistry without looking through binoculars or the zoom lens of your camera. It is also close enough for children to enjoy, too.  

For the truly curious:

The Kimball Farm website:  

I am a descendant of Richard Kimball, the immigrant.  Most Kimball families (but not all!)  in New England are related to Richard Kimball. Here is my blog post showing my descent from Richard Kimball: 

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To cite/link to this blog post: Heather Wilkinson Rojo, "A Pig - Weathervane Wednesday", Nutfield Genealogy, posted August 31, 2022, ( accessed [access date]). 

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