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Surname Saturday ~ KIMBALL of Ipswich, Massachusetts

Richard Kimball (about 1595 – 1675), my 11th great grandfather, and his brother, Henry, traveled to America on board the ship Elizabeth, which left Ipswich, England on 10 April 1634.  Richard traveled with his wife Ursula, seven children, and his mother-in-law, Martha.  They settled first in Watertown, Massachusetts where Richard became a freeman in 1635.  Henry Kimball stayed in Watertown, but Richard removed to Ipswich about 1637.  The land that Richard Kimball first lived on in Watertown is now part of West Cambridge, located near the intersection of Huron Avenue and Appleton Street.

Richard Kimball was a wheelwright.  He served in many town offices, and owned several parcels of land in Ipswich.  He was involved with Richard Shatswell in several lawsuits in the 1650s for trespass, debt and slander.  Richard Shatswell is the grandson of my 11th great grandparents John Shatswell and Judith Dillingham of Ipswich.  

Last Will and Testament of Richard Kimball

The last will and testament of Richard Kimball senr of Ipswich in Essex in new England who although weake in body yet of perfect memory doe dispose of my lands and estate in maner & form as followeth. 

To my Loveinge wife my will is that she shall dwell in my house and have the Improvement of my ground and meadow belonging thereto with the use and increase of my whole stock of cattle, one whole yeare after my decease, and then at the years end, the forty pound due to her according to contract at marriage to be payd her and that hous-hold stuff she brought with her. And to have liberty to live in the parlor end of the house, the roome we now lodge in: and liberty for her nesessary vse of some part of sellar: also the liberty of one cow in the pasture, the executors to provide winter meate for the same, and to have a quarter part of the fruit of the orchard, and firewood as long as she lives ther. And if she desire to remove to her owne house, then to be sett in it with what she have by my executors and to be alowed forty shillings yearly as long as shee lives. 

And to my Eldest son Henry, my will is to give his three score and ten pounds to bee payd Twenty pounds a year and half after my decease, and the remaining part in the two years following after that. 

To my son Richard I give fforty pounds. 

To my son John I give twenty pounds. 

To my son Thomas I give Twenty five pounds to bee payd two years and a halfe after my decease, and to his children I give seaven pounds to be devided equally among them and payd as they come of age or at day of marriage, provided if any dye before their share to be distributed equally amongst the rest. 

And to my son Benjamin, besides the two oxen already received I give the sum of twenty five pounds, ten pounds to be payd a yeare and a halfe after my decease. The rest the two years ffollowing, also to his children I give five pounds, equally to be devyded, and payd, as they come of age or at day of marriage, in case any dye before, that part to be equally divided to the rest. 

And to my son Caleb I give that peace of land knowne by the name Tings lott, and all my land att Wattells neck with my marsh at the hundreds knowne by the name of Wiatts marsh, and all my working tools exsept two axes all to be delivered present after my discease also I give fourteen pounds to his seven children equally to be devided to be payd as they come of age or at Day of mariage, and if any dye before, that part to be equally devided amongst the rest. 

To my son-in-law John Severns, I give ten pounds to be payd two years & a halfe after my decease. 

And to my Daughter Elizabeth, I give thirty pounds, ten pound to be payd, a year & halfe after my decease, and the other two parts, the two following years after that. 

To my Daughter Mary I give ten pounds, five pound to be payd a year & halfe after my decease, the other five pound the year after that. 

To my daughter Sarah I give forty pound, five pound to be payd the yeare & halfe after my decease and the rest five pound a yeare till it be all payd, also to her children I give seaven pounds ten shillings to be payd to them as they come of age or at day of marriage if any dye before, that part to be equally devyded to the rest. 

And to my daughter Sarah above "sd"; I also give the bed I lye on with the furniture after one years use of it by my wife. 

To my wives children viz. Thomas, Jerimiah, and Mary. 

To Thomas and Mary I give forty shillings apiece to be payd a yeare & halfe after my decease, and to Jerimiah I give fifteene pounds to be payd at the age of one and twenty. I give also eight pounds to the two Eldest daughters of Gyes Cowes (that he had by his first wife) to be payd and equally devided to them at the age of sixteene, if either of them dye before then the whole to be given to that that remaines. 

I also give four pounds to my Couzen Haniell Bossworth, and doe ordaine and apount my two sons above sd. Richard and John Kimball to be my lawfull and sole executors. 

And my Couzen Haniell Bosworth above sayd to be my overseer that this my last will and Testament be duely and truly performed And thus I conclude with setting too my hand and seale the fifth of march 1674-5. 

Richard Kemball 
& a mark 
& a seale.

Some KIMBALL resources:

The History of the Kimball Family in America from 1634 to 1897, by Leonard A. Morrison, 1897 and a revised edition 1988 by Judith Kimball in three volumes, published by the Kimball Family Association (see their website below to order these volumes)

The Genealogical Record of the Descendants of John Spofford and Elizabeth Scott, 1888

Pioneers of Massachusetts, by Charles Pope, 1900

The Great Migration: Immigrants to New England 1634 – 1635, by Robert Charles Anderson, Volume IV, pages 154 – 160 for Richard Kimball, pages 152 – 154 for his brother Henry Kimball.

The Kimball Family Association    

My KIMBALL genealogy:

Generation 1:  Richard Kimball, son of Henry Kemball and Johanne Unknown, born about 1595 in Rattlesden, Suffolk, England, died 22 June 1675 in Ipswich, Massachusetts; married first about 1615 in Rattlesden to Ursula Scott, daughter of Henry Scott and Martha Whatlock; married second on 23 October 1661 in Hampton, New Hampshire to Margaret Cole.  She died 1 March 1675 in Ipswich.  Eleven children with Ursula.

Generation 2: Henry Kimball, born 12 August 1615 in Rattlesden, died May 1676 in Wenham, Massachusetts; married first about 1640 to Mary Riddlesdale, daughter of Edward Riddlesdale and Mary Unknown; married second about 1675 to Elizabeth Black, widow of Humphrey Gilbert and William Rayner.  She married fourth to Daniel Kilham.  Elizabeth Black is the daughter of John Black and Susanna Unknown, my 9th great grandparents in another lineage.  Thirteen children with Mary.

Generation 3:  Richard Kimball, born about 13 October 1643 in Watertown, Massachusetts, died 30 July 1715 in Wenham; married first on 13 May 1667 in Wenham to Rebecca Abbye, daughter of John Abbye and Mary Loring; married second on 20 November 1706 to Anna Ford.   Three children with Rebecca.

Generation 4: Rebecca Kimball, born 20 October 1668; married on 12 April 1694 to James Poland, son of John Poland and Bethia Friend.  He was born about 1665 In Wenham and died in 1722. Seven children.

Generation 5:  John Poland m. Abigail Davis
Generation 6:  Daniel Poland m. Sarah Bishop
Generation 7:  Martha Poland m. Alexander Mears
Generation 8:  Samuel Mears m. Lydia W. Burnham
Generation 9: Samuel Mears m. Sarah Ann Burnham
Generation 10: Sarah Burnham Mears m. Joseph Gilman Allen
Generation 11: Joseph Elmer Allen m. Carrie Maude Batchelder
Generation 12: Stanley Elmer Allen m. Gertrude Matilda Hitchings (my grandparents)

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  1. Hi Heather, Richard is my 9th Great Grandfather, thru Benjamin, Abraham, Mary Kimball Chadwick. I wrote a blog article about Richard Kimball and his English parents as the current consensus seems to be that they may not be the Henry and Joanne of Rattlesden but rather Richard Kimball of Mistley/Lawford in Essex. Robert Charles Anderson seems to have leaned toward the Lawford Kimballs in his bio on Richard. You can read my blog if you are interested. I tried to compare both sides.

  2. Richard is my ancestor at least 5 times. These marriages were among fourth cousins etc not like the first cousins that I have on other branches. Three times through his son Benjamin--his son David and his son David--through his son Johnathan and his daughter Rebacca--and I forget the other one. Twice through his son Henry--his daughter Sarah and her daughter Lydia Gage--his daughter Martha and her son Enoch Chase.

  3. Another cousin connection. My line is Henry, Richard, Thomas, then daughters out when Thomas' daughter Priscilla Kimball married John Ames. Henry's my 11th ggf