Monday, July 5, 2010

Amanuensis Monday- More News Clippings

22 May 1891, Essex Echo

"Mrs. Joseph G. Allen has recently returned from a long visit to her son in South Boston."

This line refers to my 2x great grandmother, Sarah Burnham (Mears) Allen (1844 – 1913), and the son who lived in Boston was Warren Sherman Allen (1864 – 1927), a pipefitter and plumber, who lived in Dorchester.

22 May 1903, Essex Echo

"Mr. Elmer Allen and his brother, Mr. Charles Batchelder of Cambridge, visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Allen on Sunday."

Elmer refers to my great grandfather, Joseph Elmer Allen (1870 – 1932), and Charles Albert Batchelder (1879 – 1963) was actually his brother-in-law. Elmer married Charles’s sister, Carrie Maude Batchelder (1872 – 1963) in 1892. At this time period they lived in the Boston area, and so they probably took the train to Essex to pay a visit.

13 May 1910, Essex Echo

"Mrs. Sarah B. Allen has been quite ill with indigestion at the residence of Mrs. Zebo at Lakeville. She was somewhat improved at last reports."

20 May 1910, Essex Echo

"Mrs. Sarah B. Allen has recovered from her recent illness."

This is my 2x great grandmother again, the wife of Joseph Gilman Allen seen above. She died only three years later. The Mrs. Zebo is actually spelled Tebo or Thebaud, a corruption of the name French name Thibault. Her daughter in law, Carrie Allen, (above) had a brother who married into this family in Essex. William Batchelder married Maud Frances Tebo. Her brother Howard Tebo had a wife named Gertrude. The famous schooner, Gertrude Thebaud, was built in 1930 at the Story shipyard in Essex. It was built to beat the equally famous Bluenose of Nova Scotia. It also made a trip to the Arctic Circle with the explorer Donald MacMillan. The Gertrude Thebaud sank in 1948. We always thought that the ship was named for this Gertrude Tebo. The schooner was named for the wife of her owner, Louis Thebaud, a wealthy summer resident of Gloucester, and cousin of Howard Tebo.

What a gossip sheet this newspaper was for its time!

Copyright 2010, Heather Wilkinson Rojo

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