Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Not So Wordless Wednesday- Frontier Town

The Summer of 1973
Frontier Town, North Hudson, New York

Here are Yours Truly, sister, and friends having fun at this wild west theme park located near Lake George in upstate New York. I was sad to hear that it has been closed since 1998. We had a wonderful time there, riding ponies, eating barbeque, watching rodeos, being "drafted" in the cavalry, taking tours in stagecoaches and witnessing the bank being held up by bandits on horseback. It was loads of fun for little kids from New England!

Check out the smiles, even though the bandits held us at gunpoint! We had all just been deputized by the sheriff (note the tin stars we are all wearing). Time Warp Warning - note those pyschedelic 1970s pants on me and my sister, and the cigarette the cowboy is waving around near all us kiddies.

 Copyright 2010, Heather Wilkinson Rojo


  1. Wow did this bring back memories! We went to Frontier Town as well as Story Town - remember that place? These were our version of Six Flags back in the 1970s!

  2. Great picture and I love your pants. Reminds me of some I owned as a child.

  3. I love the pants too. I so wish I had a picture of me in my purple flowered bellbottoms! Heeeey, that cowboy doesn't look old enough to be smokin'!