Thursday, July 29, 2010

People are Blurbing All Over!

In the past few weeks several Genealogy Blogs have mentioned various Blurb book projects of great interest. I hope they spur you on to some new and creative uses for preserving information, photographs and documents.

T. K. at Before My Time created a book project on her Schulte cousins. It is collaboration with a cousin, and I know that working on a Blurb project online with collaborators is easy. T. K. also is the one who figured out that any book under 120 pages will have a sewn binding, which is important to many family historians. I already had the experience of a wedding book disintegrating at a family gathering. For your information, it was not produced by Blurb and it had a glued binding. The bride was very distressed.

Kathy at I Will Remember just received her copy of her blog which had been “slurped” via Blurb. The software automatically downloaded her posts into a book, and she spent a few days editing it for her final approval. The photos on her post looked great, and she thought the whole process was easy and quick.

The Grand Prize goes to T. J. Rand, who wrote to me that he read my blog last spring and checked out the Blurb website. T.J. not only found it interesting, but created 10 books for the Epsom Historical Association! Included are 5 books on cemeteries, a book on the oldest house in town, a book on the Epsom Free Will Baptist Meeting house, and two books on the first 100 years of the town history. You can check them out at the Blurb Bookstore at this link

T. J. Rand’s books are an extremely creative project for archiving local historical information. The books are available for sale online with a small profit to benefit the Historical Association of Epsom, New Hampshire. They will also be selling a few copies at their Old Home Day on August 14th. The town library has plans to purchase copies of all them, and one was also donated to the town library. You can preview the first fifteen pages of each of these books, and perhaps come up with some creative ideas for you own family or town history. As T. J said in an email “....even though the information may be available electronically online or in other formats, there is nothing like a book.”

In the next few weeks I’ll be slurping three months of posts from Nutfield Genealogy into another book, and also creating a coffee table sized, hard cover photo book of our trip to Hawaii. No more paper and scissors scrapbooking for me!

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  1. Thanks for sharing about Blurb! I am not familiar with it, but I definitely want to check it out.