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Amanuensis Monday- A weeklong project - The Civil War Veterans of Londonderry

On the Londonderry Common there are five major war memorials. Instead of just posting a photograph, I decided it was worthwhile to list each name on the war memorials in the text of this post so that the veterans families could access their loved ones names through webcrawlers and search engines. It is too much to transcribe all the names on all the memorials for today's post, so I decided I would post one memorial each day this week in honor of Veteran's Day. I started with the Civil War memorial.

These are the names inscribed on that monument. There were several names that appeared illegible high up on the top of the obelisk, but I plan to go back and look again at the monument with a pair of binoculars, and I will update this post ASAP.

Londonderry, New Hampshire's Civil War Veterans

Daniel C. Aiken
John E. Bancroft
Benjamin L. Center
Elijah C. Chase
William Clark
John H. Campbell
John C. Cogswell
James H. Center

George V. Anderson
Albert Alexander
George W. Annis
William S. Barker
William M. Boyce
Charles H. Bricket
Willam C. Bancroft
Martin K. Bowles
John G. Boyce
John M. Bancroft
Andrew J. Benson

John L. Blood
George N. Black
George P. Boyce
Haskall P. Coffin
David W. Coffin
Samuel Clark
Albert R. Colby
Moses F. Colby
Charles E. Conant
Elbridge Curtice
Eugene E. Curtice
George W. Clark

Benjamin Martin
James A. Nichols
Maxim Orall
David G. Wheeler
James S. Wheeler
Archibald M. Wilkins
Samuel Whittier
William Young

Nicholas B. Perno
Lucien Pickering
Warren G. Pike
Benjamin F. Pettingill
Samuel N. Payne
William S. Pillsbury
Leonard H. Pillsbury
George H. Robinson
Walter S. Robbins
John C. Scollay
Lyman J. Slate

David C. Stevens
Bartholomew Sullivan
Alfonze Sargent
John C. Towns
George W. Vickery
William H. Vickery
Alonzo R. Wells
Samuel Woodbury, II
Hiram Webster
William P. Wallace
George W. Wilson
Horace E. Woods
A section of names engraved on
the Londonderry Civil War Memorial

William J. Pond
Alfred H. Randall
Andrew J. McKenney
William McKenney
Aaron W. Simonds
Bowman Simonds
Timothy A. Smith
Benjamin Shipley
George M. Whidden
Lorenzo Wight
Joseph A. Wyckoff
Samuel L. Woodbury
Charles E. Follansbee
Harlan G. Caldwell
Joseph Perkins
Davis Plummer
Joshua Conant

Isaac W. Hall
Augustus Hamblett
John Haynes
William F. Holmes
George Lawson
William Lawson
Henry Moulton
Charles McKenney
Amos H. McGregor
John D. K. Marshall
John Merrill

Dearborn W. McGregor
Charles McGregor
Martin L. Moore
Alexander J. McGregor
William P. Nevins
Carlos W. Noyes
Alonzo H. Nichols
Stephen A. Nichols
John H. Nutter
John Orall
Washington Perkins
Granville F. Plummer

James G. Morrison
Charles H. Morrison
Wesley B. Knight
Irving T. Dickey
John H. Sanborn
Arley P. Tenney
Charles Vickery
Armanda S. Vickery
Albert Atwood
Joseph C. Abbott
Charles D. Annis
Arley P. Alexander
George W. Benson
John W. Barker
Hugh B. Spinney
David McClary

Edwards O. Dodge
Daniel Flanders
Charles Goodwin
Walter S. Holbrook
John A. Johnson
Francis Lorean
William P. Long
William H. Martin

William Flanders
Charles R. Frost
Edwin Follansbee
James C. Furbush
George F. Greeley
Horace D. Gregg
Daniel Griffin
O. Burt. Goodwin
Lorenzo P. Gardner
George S. Garvin
Moses Holmes
Thomas M. Holmes

George W. Blood
Isaac K. Colby
Henry Clark
Grandison M. Clark
Edward P. Clark
Thomas Dissmore
John H. Estey
Charles E. Estey
Horace P. Estey
Daniel Goodwin
Frank O. Greeley
Henry A. Hovey
Dustin Hamblett
Albert N. March
Morris March
Moses Myrick
Edward P. Moor
Henry Colby

[ this panel was mostly illegible]
Charles Clark
Worthington Coburn
Branson M. Clark
James Dodge
John E. Davis
Silas F. Bean
Thomas Dodge
??? Eaton

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  1. What a wonderful project, I'm impressed. And, I bet you will receive queries from some of the descendants. Very nice and original as well.