Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Not so Wordless Wednesday - MacGregor Cut, Londonderry, NH

On a section of Stonehenge Road, still completely wooded, is this strange monument.  I've wondered about it for years, and finally decided I would look it up.  In the book Early Londonderry: Tidbits and Historical Sketches, Volume III, by the Londonderry Historical Society, 1972, page 44, there is a short paragraph:

"There was no road up this hill in 1857.  There may have been a path or wood-road from the Whittemore farm, but the first time a road shows is on the map of 1892.  This dirt road made a turn part of the way up the hill to the left, and it can still be seen today.  Henry F. MacGregor wanted to do something for this town at the same that he willed his money to Derry for a library, and Mrs. Harriet Greely suggested that he rebuild a portion of this road, which he did.  A stone in this wall marks the place and donor.  He died in 1923."

Apparently there was still a stone wall here in 1972.  It has since been removed or disappeared like so many other of New Hampshire's historical walls.  But that's another story....

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  1. I just noticed the stone while driving by today. I turned around and stopped across from it and took a photo from my car so I may research it. This was the first page I found. Explains it good enough for me.