Thursday, November 11, 2010

Korean War Veterans from Londonderry, New Hampshire

On Monday I began a project for Veteran's Day to transcribe all the names on the war memorials located on Londonderry, New Hampshire's town common. I started with the Civil War monument, and today I have listed all the names found on the Korean War monument. As I type these words, I'm watching the President speak from Seoul, Korea, preparing to make a speech to honor our American Veterans. Serendipity! I'll continute with this project tomorrow, with a transcription of the Vietnam War memorial.

Korean War

Herman M. Adams
William A. Beale
Herbert W. Bean, Jr.
Robert A. Bouhassa
Robert F. Bowen
Homer Brewer
Paul C. Bubelynk
Clayton G. Buck
Donald A. Butterfield, Jr.
Pauline M. Carter
Donald J. Coons
Richard W. Coons
Ernest Cote, Jr.
Theodore R. Cote
Victor G. Cote
Kenneth B. Cross
Martin A. Daskey
William J. Daskey, Jr.
Ralph D. Doe
Armand P. Dupere, Sr.
Joseph H. Dupere
Lionel T. Dupere
Clarence Q. Ellis
William E. Fletcher
Elbridge L. Garvin
Pertrice C. Gaskill
Arthur E. Goodwin
Harold G. Greeley
Frederick J. Griffin
Donald E. Hall
Ervine B. Ham
Richard Hartop
John E. Hayward
Daniel F. Hicks, Jr.
Robert I. Hicks
Kenneth H. Hill
Donald E. Hills
John J. Joyce
Alfred O. King
Joseph A. Lacopolis
Richard G. MacDonald
William O. Merrill
Francis O. Milne
Gene R. Moody
Raymond H. Moore
George H. Nugent
William E. Phillips, Jr.
Eugene H. Pillsbury
Carroll W. Pinkham
Vernon R. Place
Edward I. Plimpton
George K. Plummer, Jr.
Robert F. Porter
Forrest H. Pratt
Luther M. Preston
Nathan M. Reed, jr.
Charles H. Reynolds
Lester E. Richardson, Jr.
Robert A. Richardson, Jr.
Gilman E. Severance
Leonard W. Severance
Calvin K. Shepard
Kermit I. Shepard
Leonard J. Shorey
Richard O. Shorey
Kendall P. Smith
Warren C. Smith
William H. Soucy
Paul A. Sullivan
Donald E. Taintor
Douglas W. Thompson
Alfred H. Trombley
Harold M. Wallace
Hazel A. Watts
Donald L. White
Janice Wigero
Donald H. Wickens
Pauline Wickens
Clyde B. Wilson
David S. Wilson
Mason J. Young, Jr.
William R. Young
Burton Boone
Glenn H. Backman

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  1. What a wonderful Veterans Day endeavor for you to undertake!

  2. I served in the Korean War with Warren C. Smith. I met Warren in Nashua, NH in 1964 or thereabouts. Warren was a real hero. I moved to NC and lost track of Warren.
    If you have any info about Warren, I would like to know if he is still living or if not where he is buried. I would like to let his family know that I went through jump school with Warren and what a great guy he was.
    Please contact me at;
    My name is William C. Swan. Warren and I had the same initials.

  3. William, thanks for your comment. I hope that the Smith family might find this post and your comment online. Perhaps you will make a connection. You might want to also contact the Londonderry VFW for information on your friend.

    1. Thanks for the comment and the advice. I will follow up on it.
      I know you do extensive genealogy work.
      I don't know if you would be interested or not, but my fathers ancestors arrived in the Haverhill, MA area in the 1600s and some were Loyalists during the Revolutionary War and therefore were exiled to Canada in 1783. My great grandfather was born in Charlottetown, PEI, Canada. 185-? and my grandfather was born in Alexandria, NH 1889. and returned to the Haverhill, Ma area sometime in the 1920s.
      I am having trouble connecting the dots. My great grandfathers name was Charles Swan and my grandfathers name was William Charles or James(not sure about the middle name) Swan. I am 86 years old and have done some research on my paternal side. I have not been able to confirm the Loyalist story but I believe it is true from what info I have from relatives. But I can't find any verification
      But I did find a few Swan surnames in the surrounding Haverhill, MA area and a few in the PEI 1891 census.
      Do you have any knowledge of how I might go about finding more info on the Swan line?
      I have a large family. Eight children, 19 grandchildren and sixteen and counting great grandchildren, and I would like to make them up a journal of their ancestry. I have a membership in a PEI genealogy group, but so far I have not been able to get any more info than I already have.
      I would like to hear from you, in as much as you are located in the close area that my fathers family lived for generations.
      Thanks and Best Wishes.
      William Swan