Tuesday, November 9, 2010

World War I Veterans from Londonderry, New Hampshire

Yesterday I began a project for Veteran's Day week to transcribe all the names on the war memorials located on Londonderry, New Hampshire's town common. I started with the Civil War monument, and today I have listed all the names found on the World War I monument. There were no special notes on the Civil War monument for fallen soldier, and this one notes two who died in World War I. I'll do these transcriptions through Friday of this week, up to the Vietnam War memorial.

World War I

Annis, Roy R.
Besse, Cecil E.
Boyden, Lawrence E
Burlingame, Vere H.
Chase, Cecil T.
Chase, Curtis C.
Christianson, Peter E.
Coons, George D.
Cross, Clarence A.
Cunningham, Neil
Davison, Harold E.
Davison, Wilfred
Davison, Wylie L.
Doherty, Clinton A.
Ellis, Myron P.
Estey, Arthur H.
Fitts, Ernest
Hall, Orrin W.
Hall, Ralph E.
Harrington, Frank A. **Killed in Action
Hardy, Aaron P.
Hartop, William L
Hicks, Daniel F.
Kennedy, Allen H.
Kennedy, Isaac B.
Mack, Andrew R.
Mayotte, Henry
McDonald, Clayton A.
Moore, Eugene W.
Muzzey, Frank E.
Nevins, William S.
Noyes, Harold R. *Died in Service
Paquette, Louis A.
Parmenter, Draper W.
Pillsbury, H. Watts
Pillsbury, William S.
Platt, Earl P.
Plummer, Robert N.
Pratt, John E.
Ralston, Herbert W.
Robie, Edison F.
Sargent, Horace F.
Smith, George W.
Stimpson, Richard B.
St. Sanveur, Albert P.
St. Sanveur, Homer E.
Tessier, Everett R.
Theiss, Walter E.
Torrey, Prescott H.
Watts, Ainslee E.
Webster, Bernard N.
Whittemore, Hollie L.
Wicks, Gust
Young, Arthur B.
Young, Mason J.
Young, Milton J.

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