Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lili'uokalani News Clippings

My cousin's mother in law found these news clippings in a scrapbook.  She runs a little historical society museum in the small town of Bradford, Maine.  The news clippings are probably from the Bangor Commercial, and are undated, but probably date from the 1890s after the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom.

There is quite an unflattering description of my 4x great aunt, Mary Lambert (Jones) Dominis.  However, even in Lili'uokalani's own autobiography, she described her mother-in-law as cold and unfriendly.  I have seen this description in other accounts, too.  However, some of the other family members were described as friendly and welcoming to "Cousin Lydia".  It makes me wonder what kind of person her sister, my 4x great great grandmother was in her time.  She died even before Mary went to Hawaii, so she never knew Lili'uokalani, but her daughter and grandchildren met her during the Queen's visits to Boston.

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