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Tombstone Tuesday ~ A Revolutionary War General

The Reid Family Plot at Forest Hill Cemetery in Derry, New Hampshire

A plaque given by the Molly Reid Chapter of the DAR, in Derry

Sept. 17, 1815  aged 82 yrs.
Relict of George Reid
April 7, 1823 aged 88 yrs
London, May 6, 1827 aged 60 yrs
Philadelphia Dec. 8, 1844, aged 68 yrs
Sons of George & Mary Reid
Erected by Elizabeth MacGregor
 George Reid was born in Londonderry (in the part now known as Derry, New Hampshire) and married Mary Woodburn in 1765.  She ran the farm with much success during her husband's long campaigns in the American Revolution, and was the mother of eight children.   General John Stark said of Molly Reid "If there is a woman in New Hampshire fit for governor, 'tis Molly Reid."

George Reid responded to the Lexington Alarm on 19 April 1775 by marching the men of Londonderry, New Hampshire on foot to Medford, Massachusetts to join General John Stark (another Londonderry man).  His 1st NH Regiment was formed at the Battle of Bunker Hill on 17 June 1775 .  This 1st NH Regiment also participated in the Invasion of Canada, the Battle of Trenton and the Battle of Princeton.  He was apponted Lieutenant Colonel in 1777, and then took command of the 2nd NH Regiment and led them to Saratoga and the Battle of Monmouth.

He was made Brigadier General after the war and then put down the Exeter Rebellion in 1786, which was a mob opposing the use of paper money in the then capitol of New Hampshire.  He was also made Sheriff of Rockingham County in 1791.

The Molly Reid Chapter of the DAR in Derry, New Hampshire
(this website has more information on the Reid family)

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