Friday, July 13, 2012

Mission Sunday 1966

This photo is labeled on the back "Mission Sunday 1966".  I know that at this time my husband was living in Brooklyn, New York.  He went to the Sacred Heart School.  According to Wikipedia the Catholic Church celebrates Mission Sunday on the fourth Sunday in October to remember missions around the world.  Children used to dress in the habits of missionaries and religious orders.

My husband is the little guy on the left, holding the crucifix. He was almost six years old.

Copyright 2012, Heather Wilkinson Rojo


  1. What a great photo. P.S. He was a cutie, eh??

  2. This was certainly an event of celebration in many places. I too, recall dressing in the religious habit of the good sisters, who taught in my elementary school and oh what
    a thrill and inspiration it was to do so. The thrill lingers till this day, nearly fifty years later... Let's bring back these lovely and inspiring traditions.....