Sunday, July 8, 2012

Nutfield is the scene of a BBC documentary!

Last week an Irish film crew from the BBC came to Derry and Londonderry, New Hampshire to film scenes for a documentary on Ulster Scots Presbyterians, specifically Reverend James MacGregor, who brought his flock from Northern Ireland to New Hampshire in 1719.  They filmed at the First Parish Church in East Derry, and were treated to a spaghetti dinner by the parish.  They also visited the Presbyterian Church in Londonderry, and the Forest Hill Cemetery, where many of the first Ulster Scots Presbyterian settlers are buried.

Reverend MacGregor brought 16 families with him to Londonderry, founding the First Parish Church.  They were persecuted in Northern Ireland for not being members of the Anglican Church, so they came to Boston, where they were not wanted either.  In New Hampshire they were free to worship as Presbyterians, and kept their Scots Irish culture alive for generations. 

Local people like Richard Holmes, the Derry Town Historian; Marilyn Ham, the former Londonderry Town Historian; and Reverend Susan Remick, the interim pastor of the First Church were interviewed and filmed by the BBC crew.  The crew will also film scenes in New York City, Philadelphia and India: all places where Ulster Scots Presbyterians migrated to from Northern Ireland.  The film “An Independent People” will air in 2013 on the BBC.   It will be a three part series presented by William Crawley.  Hopefully it will be made available here in New Hampshire for viewing, too!

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An earlier blog post with a list of the original proprietors of Nutfield (Londonderry) who arrived with Reverend James MacGregor in 1719:

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  1. India? I wouldn't have expected that!

    That's very cool to have the BBC in town!

  2. Thank you Heather! This show be a good program. I'm going to keep my eye open for when it airs!