Thursday, January 24, 2013

More Blasts from the Past!

While cleaning off my desk I found an old folder from when I was in high school.  Inside I found lots of postcards, school photos, my class schedules and various other things I recognized as stuff I used to hang on my locker door.  I must have cleaned out my locker one June and put them all into this folder.  I don't remember opening this folder again until just now.  Among all the nostalgic items were these two clippings from the local Holden, Massachusetts newspaper The Landmark.  

Probably from the summer of 1975 or 1976
I'm in the middle, covered with foam, and the
girl to the right is my friend Eleanor Walton
click to enlarge the photos

Probably from the summer of 1977
when my friend Marion (Eleanor's sister) and I ran the
"craft shack" at the local town pool recreation area.

The Landmark newspaper, Holden, Massachusetts

Copyright 2013, Heather Wilkinson Rojo


  1. Its always fun finding those kinds of folders,takes you back and makes you laugh a little.

  2. The foam looks especially fun. I wish someone had done that to us in school. The craft decorations looks like an old Girl Scout picture I have, when we were sewing on badges. Great capture of good moments!

  3. What wonderful finds, Heather. I lost my folder and yearbooks in one of my many moves! So nice to see these photos - must bring back lots of great memories.