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Peter Hoogerzeil's Wheelbarrow

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Saturday Morning Citizen, Beverly, Mass.  1 October 1892, page 2

"Four Awards at the Fair
Mr. Peter Hoogerzeil may well feel proud of the success of his exhibits at the Essex Agricultural Fair this week, he recieving four awards, as follows:  First premium, $2, on coop of Perkin bantams; second permium $1, on one coop of Perkin bantams; gratuity $1, on patent rolling oven grate for a stove.  Those who saw the wheelbarrow were highly pleased with Mr. Hoogerzeil's invention and several flattering offers were received from parties who wished to put it on the market.  It is on exhibition at Whitcomb & Carter's store."

This image was found at the Google Patent Search
No Model No 486,469 P HOOGERZEIL WHEELBARROW Patented Nov 22 1892

Peter Hoogerzeil is my 2nd great grandfather.  He was a prolific inventor and I've written about him at this blog previously (see the links below).   His father, also named Peter Hoogerzeil,  came from Holland to Salem, Massachusetts in the 1820s. Peter, Jr. was a fisherman, quartermaster and then began his own express business in Beverly, Massachusetts, near the Salem bridge on Bartlett Street.  During his lifetime he patented over a dozen inventions.  

Peter Hoogerzeil, son of Peter Hoogerzeil and Eunice Stone, born in Beverly, Massachusetts on 24 June 1841, died on 10 May 1908 in Beverly; married on 14 March 1870 in Salem to Mary Etta Healey, the daughter of Joseph Edwin Healey and Matilda Weston.  She was born in Beverly on 19 May 1852 and died  on 23 July 1932 in Beverly.  They had six children, all born in Beverly:

1.  Florence Etta, my great grandmother, born 20 August 1871, died 10 February 1941 in Hamilton, Massachusetts; married Arthur Treadwell Hitchings.
2.  Lillie May, born 29 September 1873, died 17 May 1874
3.  Alonzo, born 29 May 1875, died 23 January 1946; married Mabel Thurston Cressey
4. Edward Peter, born 27 July 1877, died 11 October 1807; died unmarried
5. Lucy May, born 18 June 1882, died 3 September 1931, died unmarried
6. Isabel, born 3 August 1888, died 29 February 1960; married George Sorenson


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  1. Fascinating! I love the sketch, and the cursive on the sketch. I assume this was not THE wheelbarrow, but A wheelbarrow! Nice.

  2. Thank so for the information on peter hoogerzeil. It help out my daughter on her family tree report for school.

    1. Sounds like it. This gave me a great start on my husband family tree to put together for our kids and generations to come. Thank you again and I will be checking back again to see what other new post that you have posted. Have a good holiday season.

    2. Holly, click on the keyword Hoogerzeil in the right hand column, and all the stories about the Hoogerzeils will pop up for you. I posted a new one on November 21, 2013 at this link:

  3. Thank you for this information. It help out with my daughter report on her family history report for school.