Sunday, January 20, 2013

More Stars

I’m up to three stars… someone just reminded me I should update my award logo to show the three stars.  Thanks, John, for the reminder!
This award is given for fun and appreciation
I usually name new bloggers for these types of awards, but I did that last week.  There seems to be a conspiracy theory among some bloggers about these awards.   They may be right on some points, but I still think that for new bloggers this is great exposure.  “Best of Lists” and memes helped me to find some great blogs to follow, and introduced me to some wonderful writers.  Where would we be without a little help in the beginning days of our blogs? 

About three years ago there were so many of these awards floating around that I stopped accepting them, and disappointed a few writers.  I felt badly turning down a few newbies.  Then  two years ago Lucie LeBlanc Consentino awarded me her lovely award “The Rose Blogger Award” from her heart.  She named this after her mother, and gives it out to those bloggers “who keep the memory of their ancestors alive.”  Thanks, Lucie, I’m honored.   (See her homepage at )  She expects no mention, no linkback, nothing in return, and that is wonderful.   Lucie is a star herself!  

This award was given from the heart
I hadn't seen one of these blog awards for a long time, and then this one popped up.  I decided to do it just for fun.  No ulterior motives.  If someone wants to continue this without the link back to the original post, it’s OK by me.  If someone breaks the chain, it’s OK by me, I don’t believe it will cause any bad kharma.  Be inventive, be a Lucie and come up with your own awards, or just appreciate the kind thoughts from other bloggers.  After all, if blogging isn't fun, why would we all be doing it?

My original star was awarded 10 Jan 2013 from Mariann at the “Into the Briar Patch” blog.
Then on 14 January 2013 I received two more stars, one fromJohn at “The Thomas Gardner Society”blog and another from from Kathryn at “Reflections”blog. Thanks, John and Kathryn! I appreciate your nominations very much. 

Although it is 2013 now, the stars and nominations continue to be passed around, which is fun, and an interesting way to learn about other blogs out there in cyberspace.   The goal is to win six nominations, thus six stars…    We’ll see what happens!

I have to name more nominations, and again I wish I could nominate everyone.  Since I can't do that, this time around I’m going to name some of my favorite New England genealogy bloggers:

    1.       Lucie Consentino  “Lucie’s Legacy”  and also “Acadian Ancestral Home”
    2.       Barbara Poole “Life from the Roots”
    3.       Bill West “West in New England”
    4.       Pam Carter “My Maine Ancestry
    5.       Pam Seavey Schaffner “Digging Down East”
    6.       Diane MacLean Boumenot “One Rhode Island Family”
    7.       Ryan Owen  “Forgotten New England  
    8.       MarDi  “A Hoyt Family Genealogy”

The rules are at my first blog post from last week.  And my first group of nominations.

Some food for thought about Blogging Awards:

“Blog Awards – What do you Think?” by Heather Kuhn Roelker

“Blogging Genealogy: Blog Awards & SEO” by Caroline Pointer

To Award or Not to Award by Catherine Crout-Habel

Copyright 2013, Heather Wilkinson Rojo


  1. Replies
    1. Oh, you are so quick I didn't even have time to send you an email warning! Thanks, Pam!

  2. Great post Heather! And congratulations on two more stars!

  3. You've written a very good-hearted blog, and I enjoyed reading it! I too think blogging is fun, and reading blogs is fun, and appreciating other people's blogs is also fun. It's so friendly to be part of a mutually supportive group with common interests.

    The only "down" side that I personally have experienced (aside from various warnings, which I'm sure are well-informed by SEO expertise that I don't possess) has been the painful process of selecting some blogs for awards while leaving out others! But the more these awards keep being created (and I REALLY like your idea of just forgetting about mandated links and chains), the more blogs we can mention. So. We're like a great big blog club, just as good as or even better than a book club. Aha!