Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday ~ Stephen Morse and Abigail Ingalls

This tombstone was photographed at the Village Cemetery of Chester, New Hampshire.

died Mar 6, 1807 AE 83

died May 18, 1806 AE 79

died Sept. 1830 AE 78

died Nov. 11, 1816 AE 70

Stephen Morse, son of Captain Abel Morse and Grace Parker, was born 16 Feb 1723 in Newbury, Massachusetts, and died on 6 March 1807 in Chester, New Hampshire; he married Abigail Ingalls, daughter of Samuel Ingalls and Mary Watts.  She was born in 1725 and died on 18 May 1806 in Chester, New Hampshire. They had ten children:

1. Samuel b. 1750 m. Sarah Webster
2. Abigail b. 1752 d. unmarried Sept. 1830 (above)
3. Gilbert b. 1754 m. Elizabeth Bell
4. Jonathan b. 2 March 1757 m. Abiah Worth
5. Theodore b. 1759
6. Ebenezer b. 1761
7. Stephen b. 1761
8. Ada b. 1766, d. unmarried 11 November 1816 (above)
9. Isaac b. 26 May 1769 m. Nancy Worthen
10. Peter Morse b. 1774 m. Sarah Brown

I am related to Stephen Morse and his wife, Abigail Ingalls.  Anthony Morse (1606 - 1686) of Salisbury, Massachusetts is my 9th great grandfather and my common ancestor with Stephen Morse.  Edmund Ingalls (1586 - 1648) of Lynn, Massachusetts is my 9th great grandfather, and my common ancestor with Abigail Ingalls.  I descend from THREE of Edmund Ingalls's nine children! (Elizabeth (1619 - 1676), Robert (1621 - 1698), Samuel (1632 - 1717) ).  Edmund Ingalls is also the ancestor of the famous children's book author, Laura Ingalls Wilder.

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  1. Edmund Ingalls is the founder of Lynn, MA, isn't he?

    1. He was one of the founders, an early settler at Saugus (now Lynn)

  2. Your last sentence answers my question. The name Ingalls seems rare, and Laura Ingalls Wilder is the only other time I've seen it.

  3. I collect data on all Ingalls in the USA and Canada as I have time. Also have a copy of Burleigh's 1903 book on the Ingalls. I think I recall that in one census, Ingalls were about 0.6 percent of the US population. Could be wrong about that. Contact me if you need data on your Ingalls ancestry.